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  1. Thank you PWIRED. You put me on the right track. Although I couldn't figure out how to remote unzip the ProcessWire-master.zip file, is decided to give it another try and copied again all files (to another subdirectory). Now the installation ran smoothly. Conclusion: The installation process was halted because of missing or corrupted files. In this circumstance, an error message was not generated. Thanks again for the help. Leonarro
  2. Thank you for the suggestion, which makes a lot of sense. Until today I have always uploaded files with ftp. However, my hoster does not offer a straight forward unzip facility. Setting up a SSH connection also did not worked out. (used the same user and password as the ftp). Anyway, I contacted my ISP voor help with the extraction.
  3. PHP 5.3.10 After pressing the "Get Started" button on the installer page, the nex page only shows the title "Site Installation Profile", nothing else. It stays there forever.
  4. Got this great idea to type in my browser: tarapoto.mopro.nl/info.php It says PHP 5.3.10 among a lot of other interesting data. phpMyAdmin tells me: Apache version: 2.2.22 MySQL client version: 5.5.44 Best regards, Leonarro
  5. Good day everybody. For a while a have been looking at ProcessWire, reading the forums, documentation and the beatifull sites all of you make. So yesterday I decided to download and install ProcessWire 2.6.1 master to give it a try myself. Unfortunately the install failed. This is what I did and what happened: - downloaded ProcessWire 2.6.1 and unzipped the document - copied all files with an ftp client to a subdomain of my website (double checked if all files where copied) - created a MySQL database - went in my browser (FireFox OSX and Chrome OSX) to the location of the installer, it showed the welcome page and the "Get Started" button. Pressed Get Started - The next page shows "Site Installation Profile", nothing else. - Asked my ISP to confirm if the minimum requirement for ProcessWire are met, which he confirmed. - After inspection I found the file "info.php" added after my installation trial. content of the info.php file: <?php phpinfo(); ?> Anyone and idea what might be wrong and how to solve it? To see yourself what happens, go to: http://tarapoto.mopro.nl/ Thank you, Leonarro
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