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  1. In the case of my normal web guy not being available, is there anyone on this forum who will be able to load the html landing page for my marketing guy? He feels there is a need to use a 3rd party (unbounce) to run these pages. He is based in LA, but anyone in the USA who can assist would be great. I am also looking for another couple of websites to be built throughout the year, so a really good PW person to get to know would be great. Thanks for any assistance
  2. So I got some clarification from the marketing person and he asked this: "We need to determine if your site will support loading html pages or if we need to use a tool like Unbounce to host them."? If anyone can advise what I need to tell them, that would be great Thanks Esther
  3. Thanks! they are designing a landing page, probably in unbounce - I am presuming they are coding it in html (?) I will get more details Thank you so much for your help Kind regards Belinda
  4. Hi - I am not a developer or have any understanding of computer programming. I do have a site built on PW. The person who built my site is busy atm, and I cannot get through to him. Another person who is doing my marketing is setting up a landing page for me and has asked me this question: Does your site support html? I'm not sure what the correct answer is. If someone could give me a yes or a no, that would be great. Thank you and appreciate it
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