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  1. Thanks for your answer cstevensjr! I looked at Form Builders official product description but could'nt find anything about ajax submitting the forms created by Form Builder and also hard to try it out without buying it. Do you know whether or not it supports ajax submit with email confirmation showing on the same page as the form is located without page reload?
  2. Thank you Macrura! I'm really looking forward for some links to relevant form topics that can lead me in the right direction. I tried searching for "forms" "ajax form" and "ajax" but could'nt find any guidance or clues. Sounds good that its possible to create a form processing template and return messages through a separate php-file, may i ask you how i bootstrap PW into that file? I'll try implementing this but it's great news that it should be possible!
  3. Hi, I'm about to start developing a website in Processwire but did a bit of research and could'nt find any way to create a form with confirmation message loaded by AJAX when a form is submitted + validated. Is that possible? I think of something similar to Contact Form 7 for WP (when the visitor submits the form it should get validated and if every field validates and email gets sent the visitor gets a message like "Thank you for your message!" without page reload). Is that possible to do this in Processwire or anything thats on the Feature list? From what i can understand theres three modules (Form builder, Form Template Processor and Mailer and Simple Contact Form) that can create forms and also a API-function to call and create the form manually. Is there any of the above which supports ajax submit with "Thank you"-message on the same page without reloading the page on submit? Seems pretty basic, but maybe i've missed something. Thank you!
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