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  1. Hello @dotnetic and @Sebi, Thank you for your quick reply! @dotnetic I already read the first two posts while I had researched. Very interesting, especially the Vue.js feat. ProcessWire case study. I'll take a look to the other modules, maybe they will help me to accomplish me needs. @Sebi I think you basicly understand the concept: The page is like an invitation for a Christmas-Party or similar events. The customer can modify some party of the invitation like background image or font-color and can publich the SPA with their own configs. Ok, that was my initial idea. There shouldn't be any probleme that one customer can see the other pages if he edit his invitaition if I hable the right correct, right? No, it doesn't have to be headless at all, just steped over the "new and modern" headless CMS approches. Maybe the mentioned way will cover all my needs.
  2. Hello devs! First of All, lovely community! Im very New to ProcessWire but I read a lot. I'm a bit confused about the approach I should use... A bit about the project: Its something like a customizable SPA for the customers. So I have a basic design, the customers can change some parts of it (e.g. fontcolor, dates) and publish it (e.g. https://mypage.com/customerName). The customization should be done on seperat page. I think it is something like a own CMS... Now my question: What approach would you suggest? My idea was to use ProcessWire, then I read something aboud headless CMS (e.g. sanity.io) because I have worked much more with JavaScript (React). I'm not new to development so it is not a problem to learn something new. Best wishes!
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