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  1. Hi guys, I have seen this done but have no idea how to do it. I have the dashboard plugin installed and would like dashboard page to be the first page that comes up after logging in. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Aye one of our developers turned that on and turning it off fixed it! Thanks for the help. All that hassle to click a bloody checkbox!
  3. What I have noticed is that if you go to a page that exists that isnt the homepage then add crap to the url then it 404's however if you do anything at all from the root url that doesnt include the url to an existing page then it will just go to the homepage.
  4. That didn't seem to do it, it was also a core module so im assuming it comes with processwire already. What I have noticed is that some url's will go to a 404 and others don't. For example: This doesnt 404 with gobldeygook in the url http://www.best-of-scotland.co.uk/waosdihoasidh12 This doesnt work either: http://www.best-of-scotland.co.uk/ireland/mystical-ireland/asdasd However this does http://www.best-of-scotland.co.uk/golf/scotland/st-andrews-the-east-coast-nw/asdasd This one has me a bit stumped.
  5. Thanks for getting back to me, I checked the hooks and I do have an entry for ProcessPageView that looks like this, it doesnt seem to give me much information though, after ProcessPageView::pageNotFound() PagePathHistory::hookPageNotFound() class method 100 This doesnt mean anything to me though, I tried to find a class for processPageView in the wire but didnt find one. Does this help at all?
  6. It doesnt seem to, we tried logged into admin and without and it still goes to the same place. Iv never seen anything like it before, usually it just works!
  7. Hi there, Bit of a strange one here, usually the 404 pages just go to the default 404 page setup in processwire however the website im working on at the moment doesnt seem to do that and they go to the homepage which is frustrating our SEO guy!. Does anyone have any idea why that could be. I have checked the config and its pointing to the correct page ID and as far as I can tell the .htaccess is stock. Any help would be appreciated guys. Thanks
  8. Yeah that did the job. Thanks guys
  9. Thats exactly what im trying to get haha. Ill try "features.title=Garden" and see how that works. it makes more sense than what I was doing and knew it would be something simple like that.
  10. Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. I usually work with framework based php so I have a good grasp of the code and know how I would do this with raw sql however im still a bit fresh to some of the processwire stuff. Anyhoo yeah I tried that with the subfield stuff so I did $query .= ",features.garden=1"; however that just spits out an error saying unknown subfield. Here is a screenshot of the field as it looks from the admin panel. maybe I can specify the sub page id? or would I be able to specify that its the sub pages title that I am querying against if that makes sense.
  11. Hi guys, Got a wee issue that hopefully someone here can clear up. I have a page with a field called features, the field type is page and it has pages that belong to it. I want to be able to query against that to return all the pages in a list that have one or more of those features ticked. Here is my code at the moment. What I would have thought is it would be something like featured.subfield = 1. $query = ''; if(isset($location) && $location != ''){ $query .= ",location=".$location; } if(isset($minPrice) && $minPrice != ''){ $query .= ",askingprice2>".$minPrice; } if(isset($bedrooms) && $bedrooms != ''){ $query .= ",number_of_bedrooms>=".$bedrooms; } if(isset($maxPrice) && $maxPrice != ''){ $query .= ",askingprice2<".$maxPrice; } $query .= ",start=".$start.",limit=".$limit; //var_dump($query); $saleproperties = $pages->get(1167)->children($query); $pagination = $saleproperties->renderPager(array('listMarkup' => "<ul class='pagination'>{out}</ul>")); echo $pagination;
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