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  1. Thanks for any input anyone provided. This issue was eventually resolved by removing everything from the root directory and FTPing the structure from a freshly downloaded and unzipped copy of processwire-master.zip and starting over.
  2. Now the home page is working, but now the site map, home and about pages have issues. I'm getting these errors: ProcessWire Notice: Undefined variable: ariaState in /home/sites/17b/a/aa4ee57faf/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/templates/head.inc on line 70 Notice: Undefined variable: indicator in /home/sites/17b/a/aa4ee57faf/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/templates/head.inc on line 70 Home Notice: Undefined variable: ariaState in /home/sites/17b/a/aa4ee57faf/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/templates/head.inc on line 70 Notice: Undefined variable: indicator in /home/sites/17b/a/aa4ee57faf/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/templates/head.inc on line 70 About Notice: Undefined variable: ariaState in /home/sites/17b/a/aa4ee57faf/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/templates/head.inc on line 70 Notice: Undefined variable: indicator in /home/sites/17b/a/aa4ee57faf/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/templates/head.inc on line 70 Templates I included the link above an below, hopefully, to show placement on the page. But, since you can still see it at https://my4mat.com/site-map/, I guess there's no need. I've looked at line 70, here it is: echo "<li><a$class$ariaState href='{$child->url}'>$indicator{$child->title}</a></li>"; But I don't have a clue how to fix this. SInce, I had some problems with the index.htm page initially, that were not there just now, when I returned to check again several hours later. I'm not going to take any further action tonight and see what I get tomorrow. Maybe the pages with current problems will magically fix themselves like the home page did. 😜 I'll post again tomorrow after I check. Thanks for listening... ✌️
  3. Update: Looks like it's all working now, but still checking. Will verify ASAP.
  4. Meanwhile, I've the latest processwire-master.zip and will unzip to C:\xampp\htdocs, then FTP that up to public_html and see what happens from there. I'll post the result ASAP. Thanks again! *Correction: I uploaded the contents of C:\xampp\htdocs\process-wire master to public_html.
  5. 1 & 2, yes. 3 there is no install.php. I know because I had searched for it. No ticket yet, I chatted with those who could not help and they wanted me to write up exactly what I did and exactly what happened after, to push it up to tier 2. I didn't do that since my chat had every detail I could recall already... Thanks!
  6. Just finished re-installing PW and when I load the URL, I get the PW 3.x Installer Get Started page instead of index.php. And, for S&G, I clicked the Get Started button and it took me to install.php with a 404 Page Not Found error. Note, the install began with ibrave.io's One Click Install of PW and a link on the completion notification page took me to install.php and everything worked for a while after finishing the PW 3.x installation. What did I screw up? 🤔🥺
  7. Gideon, Thanks for the info! I will check with iBrave.io on remote access to the DB. nozero
  8. Hello all! I figured it would be okay to post this here since the quoted post was recent and it's related. Okay, for starters, I'm very inexperienced with PW. Due to this, I installed PW using my hoster's (https://ibrave.io/) so called "One-Click Install", which appears to have placed site, wire, .htaccess, and index.php in the public_html dir. Because there is one level above the public_html dir that contains only the public_html dir and another .htacess file, I'm assuming it's the "root". Please advise if this is incorrect? After creating the required database file and running the One-Click installation, I created a new directory "Original" and copied the contents of root to it. Because I wanted a localhost duplicate, I FTP'd the contents of the "Original" directory to C:\xampp\htdocs on my PC to play with using XAMPP. I realize I will most likely need to modify some of the local config files to get it to function. Does anyone have a link to a list of which files and what modifications? Also, if there are any reasons that this is a bad idea, please let me know. Thanks!
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