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  1. @HiatusKaiyote @tinfro Loreli, Jace, Jay Jay are also on Needle Paw. right? Will there be Swooping Duck, Clever Aus… https://t.co/zez7sXQqJV

  2. @artykarateparty @JulieAdenuga @Beats1 Vinyl release? :)

  3. RT @DUMBOBID: Loving this new perspective by 📸@alexandriahecht. Our favorite photo opp is the site of a new neighborhood tradition on Sept…

  4. Brooklyn, could you get David Longstreth + Nadia Hulett to make sweet music together? Make it happen @DirtyProjectors @PhantomPosse #match

  5. RT @BotFactory: @NVansnick will be speaking @DFMForum on October 6th in #DUMBO Brooklyn - 40% off tickets with BOTFACTORY coupon! https://t…

  6. RT @DFMForum: 80% of mfg costs are determined in the first 20% of the product design process; design has key to bring #mfg back https://t.c…

  7. RT @GovGaryJohnson: Voters deserve a third option in November. Appears the @debates doesn't agree. My statement: https://t.co/seraTWFygl

  8. Donald Trump Is Overweight. Hillary Clinton Got Pneumonia. Gary Johnson Climbed Everest https://t.co/RrvivYJUdk #NeverTrump @GovGaryJohnson

  9. No one knows what Aleppo is https://t.co/CI6fchFUpm #JohnsonWeld2016 #NeverTrump

  10. Thank The Fed For Low Business Formation Numbers https://t.co/hPHZ11iS1w

  11. An open letter from technology sector leaders on Donald Trump’s candidacy for President https://t.co/q3WR69AbRz

  12. RT @DagneDover: NYC retail entrepreneurs! Come to the Social Retail Summit and see our own @melissashinmash this Thursday! http://t.co/ej27…

  13. RT @DMarieGroup: Getting pumped for the #SocialRetailSummit via @DFMForum. Register here: http://t.co/CsGfJdboVv if you'll be in NYC Jan 15…

  14. RT @DUMBOStartupLab: I've learned more about business, success and passion from the people I work beside at @DUMBOStartupLab than at any jo…

  15. RT @gleonhard: Europe declares war on Silicon Valley - Telegraph http://t.co/pSPeT9kZ4W

  16. Thanks for the responses! I now see the admin demo for the Skyscrapers site. It is a decent solution. But I think the PW profile module (?) for a blog had an admin bar tab for posts. Is there a way to do that; move a group of child pages to their own admin section?
  17. What happens when you have many - dozens, hundreds, ... - child pages in the tree, like typically 'posts' for a page 'blog'? Can you put them under their own management section on the top admin bar/masthead? How? Or will that happen automatically? This question has probably been answered many times in many different ways, but I am probably using the wrong search terms. Or it is something painfully obvious that I am overlooking. Don't know where to start with this. ProcessWire is great btw! Seems to get everything right that Wordpress got wrong.
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