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  1. So I guess the solution is dummy pages or modules like comments or pageRatings. I was hoping there was something more elegant. BTW: I've never heard of a tree's branches or leaves being able to be sorted, but we can do that, no? And once you can sort branches, you might as well be able to group them by similar attributes.
  2. Maybe I should rephrase the question: Is it possible to modify/override the behavior of the Pages Tree List in the Administrative back-end to subgroup children by template type?
  3. I guess I should clarify. This is for the administrative back-end, specifically the Page Tree View. Those both deal with the front end. Just added a screenshot to original post for illustrative purposes.
  4. Let's say I have a page that has multiple allowed children pages with different templates: Product - User Reviews - Documents - Options In the Pages Tree view "User Reviews", "Documents", "Options" are all listed/jumbled together. One way I've thought of would be to make dummy container pages for each template for each product, but that seems wasteful/inelegant. Is there some option so they are grouped by template type? Is there a module? Can I override some admin template? Some PW way of looking at this differently? Thanks, Ryan An illustrative, but irrelevant, example would be in the image below. Under "Categories" there are two content types: category and basic page. Can the content types under categories be group separately?
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