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  1. Thanks Kiwi for your recommendations!
  2. I am starting to study programming and css. This motivates me to learn. Thanks for your tips.
  3. Hi! I am new to ProcessWire. I inherited a website with ProcessWire version 2.3.1 The website is currently not responsive on smartphones or tablets. Can I make the site Responsive with version 2.3.1 or do you recommend updating the version and the template? What are the correct steps to follow? Thank you all! Ross
  4. I have tested and it worked perfectly! I am very grateful for the help! Ross
  5. Hi! Thanks for helping. I'm going to try your steps. For example Pick a template file. Open it for editing. Add the code below. The code needs to be added within php code blocks within that template file. Do not delete your templates existing code. Visit a page on your website (frontend) that uses that template file (e.g. an about page that uses a template called basic-page, etc). www.mysite.com/basic-page.php Your password (and optionally user name) will be changed. Edit the template file in #1 and #2 above. Remove the password change code. Reupload the edited template file if it was edited locally. Go to your admin URL and login with your new password (and new name if you changed it as well). www.mysite.com/processwire/ Before, I'm going to make a backup of files and database, right? Thank you so much for help me!
  6. We have the ProcessWire 2.3.1 version and only have the config.php file inside the site folder. Do I copy and paste the code in that file? Thank You Bernhard!
  7. Thank You Bernhard! Your VSCode snippets extension serve only to reset the administrator password or does it also serve to add a new super user through code? Sorry for the questions, I'm a newbie.
  8. Hi! We have the ProcessWire 2.3.1 version The old webmaster don't give us the logindetails. Is it possible to add the superuser role to a user with content-manager role through lines of code in php? We do not know the username and the administrator password but we have access to the hosting through cpanel, phpmyadmin and public html files. What do you recommend? How could we reset the admin password or how could we assign a superuser role to a content-manager user? Thank you Ross
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