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  1. Ah, now you mention it, it's completely logical! Thanks for your reply.
  2. Hi, We encountered a strange problem regarding the selector behaviour in find()/children(). Background information: Our page setup regarding the templates/fields that go wrong is as follows: Please note that both faq-category and faq-detail are hidden pages, due to the fact that we only wish to display them on faq-overview, not any where else. What's happening: We are using the following selectors to load the faq-categories and within the faq-detail pages. $page->children->find("template=faq-category, include=hidden") Then, for each child of that result, we use the following code: $questionCat->children->find("template=faq-detail, include=hidden") Results from both selector queries are 0 results. If we only use template=faq-category, 14 results (of the 18 pages, a few are unpublished, a few are hidden). If we use the code above, or any variation on it, zero results. None of these work: $page->children->find("template=faq-category, include=hidden") $page->children->find("template=faq-category, include=all") $page->children->find("template=faq-category, status=hidden|published") And now for the strangest part (because I could've just done it wrong, couldn't I): The following code dóes work and returns 16 results (the 14 published ones, 2 hidden ones, and the 2 unpublished ones aren't included, as should be): $pages->find("template=faq-category, status=hidden|published, parent=" . $page->id) $pages->find("template=faq-detail, status=hidden|published, parent=" . $questionCat->id) If anyone is able to give us any insight as of why this is happening and whether it's because we made a mistake (or it's a bug in ProcessWire? Can't imagine but... you never know), that would be great!
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