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  1. UPDATE: yes, the Thumbnail module causing some problems. I'm not entirely sure what or why, but I'm guessing you're right Teppo. I think the Thumbnails module is great, but it's not actively maintained, so I'm ditching it for now. Just going to use a basic $image->size(100, 100); type crop for now.
  2. Yes, looking through my modules, I remember now. The error message was something about "Pageimage::getThumb()"
  3. @Peter Knight | I'll check it out. Seems cool! @teppo... Yeah, just wanted to make sure that's okay to just delete it from /site/modules — I mean, okay to manually delete it through FTP? I have customised the CKEditor config.js and I have some cusome CSS for it, so yeah, I guess I need to keep those. I checked out the Thumbnails thread you linked to... yes, I bet it has something to do with that, as I remember "Thumb()" being mentioned in the error message.
  4. @renobird Thanks! Yeah, I was in touch with you a few months ago when I was thinking of making the switch from TXP, and now here I am! I hope I don't become "more of a coder than a designer", but I'll be happy if the balance evens out a bit. I saw (for the three second I had PW2.5 installed) that you have an admin theme included as default. Look forward to seeing how that looks as it was your blog post on a new TXP admin which brought me over here in the first place.
  5. Yeah, I would do that (text within the menu and sliding down with it), but I sort of complicated things for myself by deciding early on that the "MIRA OPALINSKA" text would not simply be part of the menu, but, as you'll notice, stays in the same place and just changes color. The CSS and JS got a bit convoluted and, to be honest, I should just start again with it, clean slate. You're right, it's worth paying a bit more attention to, and I will! But man, sometimes you just got to publish the site even before it's absolutely perfect, right! Ha ha.
  6. I recently tried to upgrade to PW 2.5 from 2.4. I reverted back to 2.4 pretty quickly because of a few things which gave me the heeby-jeebies. Maybe some of you know about these already...? Duplicate modules I was using CKEditor for my main body field. When I tried to "Check for New Modules" on PW 2.5 admin, the warning banner came up and told me I had duplicate for CKEditor and also another module...HTML Purifier, I think. It looks like this is now part of Core, and I had it installed under site? Does that sound right? What should I do? Multi-language I have the multi-language stuff installed, and while that seemed to work, in the actual page edit screen, the tabbed stuff wasn't working. Rather than tabs, within the body field (for example) there were two links (one for each language), then separate text-area fields, one below the other. I guess this could be realted to the CKEditor issue noted above? Images With Cropping For certain pages I tried to open and edit, there was a warning which came up and I wasn't able to enter the page to edit. I think it was the Images With Cropping module, perhaps not working. This also stopped images rendering to the final html, returning instead a big red block with debug style warning text. Sorry for the vagueness. Basically I've just launched the site and the upgrade stopped a few things working so I immediately reverted it back to PW 2.4 without taking exact notes of the problems or error messages.
  7. I'll have a think about the menu. hidden/sliding vs. non-hidden is something I'm always swaying back and forward between. I guess I was also considering that eventually there may be more links in there... concerts, media, projects... so if there is a permenant menu, I didn't want that to be cluttering up the head of the page. Yeah, I'll experiment with the timing of the animations. I wasn't particularly viewing it as "text fades on top of the sliding menu", as two separate things. But I see that it could be nicer to have the red slide in first. To be honest, I was just happy to get the functionality to work, eventually, smoothly and across the myriad of devices. Ended up using Velocity.js which is really fantastic library. Very flexible.
  8. Yes, you're right. The returning home thing, actually clicking on "mira opalinska" on the menu or as it appears on the top left of a page... that should take you home. I think I've accidentally removed that link yesterday. As for clicking on the tagline on the home-page. Yeah, I thought about it. But I guess I wanted to make sure user's saw and used the menu, to become familiar with it straight away, also see that you can choose a different language, and also be free to choose where they go first, rather than straight to the about page. That was my thinking anyway, but I totally see what you're saying.
  9. Yeah, I know what you mean. I guess I just like the cleanliness of having a page with as little on it as possible apart from the content. I sort of go back-and-forward in my mind. Somehow I started finding a menu at the top of every page obnoxious... sort of like if you had a TOC at the top of every page of a book. But I know what you're saying. It would be a trivial enough matter to have it be open by default, but leave the option there to close it.
  10. @Pete | Thanks! Yeah, she loves it. @totoff | Thanks for that link. What would you advise as the best thing to do while upgrading to a new PW version? Maybe put in a holding index file while the new files are being uploaded?
  11. I was just upgrading to PW 2.5, I guess the index.php was deleted for a while there. Upgraded to 2.5 now and everything back to normal. As an aside... what was the vulnerability of seeing those folders?
  12. Upgrading now, so we'll see how it goes...
  13. Hey, wait a minute... PW 2.5 is released? Okay, now the real test... how easy is it to upgrade
  14. Thanks guys! You see, just what I said... amazing forum and great community! Always active and always encouraging and I'm looking forward to being part of it. @netcarver | yeah, I can't imagine using textpattern again. But I will always have a soft spot for it. @pwired | ooh, sounds interesting. It was quite easy to get the language switcher working though, thanks to a pretty useful forum post. The tricky bit was getting the date/time to change language too. @kongondo | Thanks! I'm really happy with the look. Fuji X doing the business with the photos also I guess I should clarify, this new PW site brought the content across from TextPattern, but the design is completely new, so it's not really a conversion as such.
  15. Hi, I just completed my first site design in ProcessWire... http://miraopalinska.com I'm more of a designer than a coder (and had never coded a single line of PHP) so the learning curve was a little bit steep at first, but the patterns started emerging and the consistent way in which Ryan has set up ProcessWire made things a lot easier. I've been using TextPattern extensively, but was starting to find it a little bit clunky for my needs. ProcessWire, without wanting to slam TextPattern, is on a different level. One of the best things? This forum. It seems that absolutely ANYTHING I had a problem with, a search in Google brought me to this forum and an answer. That's a big difference from TextPattern (well, any other CMS to be honest). This forum is a condensed mine of information. So... thank-you everyone here! This was also my first multi-language site, and ProcessWire has that sorted too in a very intuitive, very integrated way. I'm still having a few problems here and there (CKEditor is acting a bit weird, for example), but I'm sure I'll be able to iron them out. Mira's finding it really easy to update and add content. I was able to make the client side really clean and fuss-free. Something that was hard to do in TextPattern (and is a total utter nightmare in WordPress). Installation was pretty basic, using the default admin theme. I used the following modules... CKEditor ImgMinSize Image cropping tool Video embed for YouTube/Vimeo Multi-language Repeater Everything else accomplished with a mix of Javascript and PHP. Thanks again, particularly Ryan. I'm pretty confident I'll be using ProcessWire for all CMS needs from now on. Douglas.
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