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  1. I've built a template with a repeater field where users can create forms that when submitted will send an email with the contents of each field. So far I only need to support text and textarea input types. Everything functions as it should (the emails appear in my inbox), but the contents of the textarea fails to appear both 1) when an error is found and the fields are designed to stay populated, and 2) in the body of the email. Any help? <?php $form = $pages->get("/forms/contact-us/")->form_fields; $sent = false; $formErrors = false; $emailTo = 'someone@somewhere.org'; if($input->post->submit) { foreach ($form as $key => $field) { //Find and validate email if ($field->form_type == 'email') { if(!filter_var($input->post->$key, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) { $emailkey = $key; $form[$key]->form_error = true; $formErrors = true; } } //Check for blanks (except in textarea) if ($field->form_type !== 'textarea' and $field->form_req) { if ($input->post->$key == '') { $form[$key]->form_error = true; $formErrors = true; } } } //Add fields to msg foreach ($form as $key => $field) { if ($field->form_type == 'text' or $field->form_type == 'email') $msg .= $field->title . ": " . $sanitizer->text($input->post->$key) . "\n"; if ($field->form_type == 'textarea') $msg .= $field->title . ": " . $sanitizer->textarea($input->post->$key) . "\n"; } //If no errors, email form if (!$formErrors) { mail($emailTo, "New message from website" , $msg, "From: {$input->post->$emailkey}"); $sent = true; } } ?> <div class="form"> <?php if ($formErrors) echo "<div class='sent error' style='margin-bottom:20px'>There were errors with your submission. Please review the form.</div>"; if ($sent) echo "<div class='sent'><b>Thank you!</b><br />Your form was successfully submitted.</div>"; ?> <form action="./" method="post"> <?php foreach ($form as $key => $field) { echo "<div class=\"{$field->form_size}\">"; echo "<label for=\"{$key}\">{$field->title}</label>"; if ($field->form_type == 'text' or $field->form_type == 'email') { echo "<input type=\"input\" name='{$key}'"; if ($formErrors) echo " value=\"{$sanitizer->text($input->post->$key)}\""; echo " />"; } if ($field->form_type == 'textarea') { echo "<textarea name=\"comments\">"; if ($formErrors) echo $sanitizer->textarea($input->post->$key); echo "</textarea>"; } if ($field->form_error) { if ($field->form_type == 'email') echo "<span class='error'>You entered an invalid email address. </span>"; else echo "<span class='error'>This field cannot be left blank. </span>"; } if ($field->desc !== '') echo "<span>{$field->desc}</span>"; echo "</div>"; } ?> <div class="clear"></div> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" class="submit" /> </form> </div> As an aside - I'm in love with ProcessWire, it's the greatest thing that's happened to CMS and is changing the way I program every single day.
  2. I'm having a hard time figuring out the permissions settings to allow my client to have full content editing functionality (edit, add, move) without seeing the module/users tabs (or at least not having the capability to edit/add users). Any tips? Thanks!
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