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  1. It's always the same game : you spend hours trying to figure out a problem, then a few seconds after having asked for help you figure it out. It works now, I was probably just missing the slash before the question mark in the URL (so rewrite rules indeed, I guess).
  2. Hi, I'm probably missing something trivial, but for some reason I can't retrieve GET input values. Consider the following simple piece of code, named whatever.php : <?php echo $input->get->id; echo " -- "; echo $_GET['id']; ?> I make it a template, then a visible page, then I try to access http://example.com/whatever/?id=foobar but it only prints " -- " (i.e. the second echo line). I tried to make "id" a field of the template but it didn't help. What am I doing wrong ? Is it related to rewrite rules ?
  3. Ok, apparently this is called auto-pairing, and I finally disabled it by adding "this.ace.setBehavioursEnabled(false);" in site/modules/adamkiss-InputfieldAceEditor-16d5afe/InputfieldAceEditor.js at line 57 (i.e. just before "this.ace.getSession().setUseWrapMode(true);", but I guess any line around is fine).
  4. I like this module, but the tag auto-closing (or autocompletion, for search's sake) feature is driving me nuts. How can I disable it ? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I understood from your post and a bit of search that ProcessWire was using TinyMCE by default, and found out I could switch to raw textarea through "setup > fields > body > details" in the admin panel — which is for the better, since I'm not fond of rich text editor and prefer writing HTML. Indeed the stripping is done by TinyCME, so not using it obviously enables rendering of MathML without further action. Adding MathML valid elements as suggested in your edit should also work (didn't test), but I guess people willing to use a rich text editor would prefer to use one of the plugins you linked to — though most are quite old, not sure they still work ? Thanks again !
  6. Hi, When I try to insert a MathML formula through the HTML editor, it gets transformed into the raw formula and all MathML tags disappear. I'm new both to ProcessWire and to MathML though, so maybe I missed something. I copypasted the following lines as a test : <math xmlns='http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML' display='block'> <msup> <mi>e</mi> <mrow> <mn>2</mn> <mi>x</mi> <mo>+</mo> <mn>1</mn> </mrow> </msup> </math> After saving the page it becomes simply "e2x+1" in the HTML page. So, is there something (e.g. automatic HTML tag checking) preventing the insertion of MathML code ? If so, how can I work it around ? Thanks.
  7. @joss : It's just that my explanation is bad — though in your example, I don't consider B as a child of A. My issue is that I want A to list its children and B to list its own children, but A & B being on the same level in the menu. Of course I could do it with templates but I thought it would be quite messy for such a simple thing. A redirect should do the trick indeed, how could I not think about that. Thanks !
  8. Hi, First thanks for PW, I tested it against 4 other supposedly well-written CMS (namely Bolt, Concrete5, Croogo & PyroCMS) and it was by far the fastest and the lightest of all (I'll post details later), which was important for me. Furthermore for the moment everything seems straightforward and/or described in the forums (this is my first real CMS experience). Well, everything but one thing. Actually I guess it has already been addressed somewhere but I can't figure how to search for it. I'm trying to make a website without an homepage (or, for search's sake, with no homepage). That is, I would like such a flat hierarchy : - A [homepage] - A1 - A2 - … - B - B1 - B2 - … - … I can see two ways to do that, but neither work : either by hiding the homepage (unfortunately it doesn't hide, probably a bug ?) or by having several homepages (unfortunately it seems it's not possible to create new pages at the root). Any idea ?
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