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  1. Greetings Processers! Just a quick update here. With the new stable version 2.5 Installation of all language modules went without any errors. Thanks Ryan!!!
  2. Thanx guys but I will stick to 2.4 then. This is way too much fiddeling around. The thing I dont understand is why the dev version is working without flaws. And even the language support install is working. The problem only happens imediately if I click on the INSTALL button for "Languages Support - Fields". Boom - dead!
  3. Where can I find the users? Are those stored inside the database?
  4. Hi cstevensjr, now I cant login into my admin account. Still looking through the database where users are handled. PHP version: local - 5.4.16 | online - 5.3.28 MySQL version: local - 5.0.10 | online - 5.0.8-dev Somehow the odds are against me here.
  5. A little update... Since I was not able to track down my strange server error when hitting that INSTALL button for "Languages Support - Fields" I did the following: 1. Fresh install of PW dev online (didn´t touch anything) 2. Fresh install of PW dev local Installed all language core modules without a hitch. 3. Database export from local to SQL file 4. Database SQL file import into my online database 5. DONE! and working Now let´s see if I will discover more strange behaviors.
  6. Thanks for those tips guys but the problem ist still present. I did a fresh install of PW 2.4. Made a copy of the whole installed PW. Did a fresh install of the latest dev version. I replaced the .htaccess with the one from the 2.4 install. Server error. I followed the steps in the troubleshooting guide by commenting out the lines one by one. Nothing. The strange thing is that everything works. Even the Multilanguage mod installation. The server error instantly appears when I click on the "Languages Support - Fields" install button. Hm, well I think I have to wait for the stable 2.5 release then. Hope this error will not come up with the final version. Thanks guys
  7. Hi Craig, I did a fresh install and got that error again. There was no log entry after that. Very strange that is...
  8. Greetings community, I have a strange problem with the latest dev build of PW. PW 2.4 was working like a charm local and online. The Problem: 1 - Installed Processwire latest dev build (Check - no errors) 2- Modules -> Core -> Languages Support (Check - no errors) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Module Install - LanguageSupport Installed ProcessLanguage Created field: language_files Created fieldgroup: language (97) Created Template: language Created Default Language Page: /processwire/setup/languages/default/ Installed ProcessLanguageTranslator Created Language Translator Page: /processwire/setup/language-translator/ Created Langage Field: language Added field 'language' to user profile Added default language to 2 user profiles Language Support Installed! Click to the 'Setup' menu to begin defining languages. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 - Modules -> Core -> Languages Support - Fields ERROR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, [no address given] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the site and the admin throws out this error everytime I try to login. Are there any changes made with the core modules install so that I can try to track down this error? On my local machine the installation works without any hitches.
  9. @teppo remember that Trumbowyg is still in alpha stage. But I like the light and clean approach of this RTE. Maybe this is a good base to start from.
  10. @Craig Trumbowyg looks interesting! What I also would like to see is the possibility to mark some text, then drag it around in the document.
  11. Thanks for the headsup adrian. will use this "easteregg" in the future! To bad for the license on Redactor. But hey, this gives me a reason to start coding my own jquery sexy lightweight editor.
  12. Thank you adrian, will read through. I searched for Redactor on this forum but nothing was found.
  13. Hey Ryan, I´m still making my first steps with Processwire and I start to understand the workflow. After all those other CMS behemoths I started to look at Processwire with the wrong intention. So I had to get rid of al this old CMS overload. And yea, now I start to see it! Great! I like it small, lightweight and efficient. Have you ever heard of Redactor? This is a WYSIWYG Editor based on Jquery. This would be a perfect companion for Processwire. Very lightweight (only around 45kb) and sexy looking with a truckload full of options. You can find it here: http://imperavi.com/redactor/ I can´t understand that this editor is getting so little love and attention. They sell 3 types of licenses. Even a lifetime license to include redactor inside open source projects. Greetings Soulsliver
  14. Hey kongondo, thanks for the warm welcome! Well after my monumental battle with CMS systems over the last years I´m kind off tired... I watched the internet growing and was part of the flash generation (great new tool! let´s make a 12 MB site intro!). Over the last decade CMS systems took more and more control out of my hands. terrorizing me with cryptic fancy new script languages, overblown backends and a standard CSS file for a template with thousands of lines that I had to pull painstakingly apart over hours and hours to find the elements that I am looking for... well enough of this! As I see it Processwire gives me exactly what I want! A simple and structured Database Editor in a nice environment where I alone can push and pull all the triggers I want! So yes! If this CMS does what I think it does I will enjoy the hell out of it!!! From the first look I just hope it will expand and grow over time. The fields for example could use a folder structure just for the backend to prevent massive lists. For example create a folder "home" where all of the fields for home go into. Or a folder "core" where all global used fields go. greetings Soulsliver PS: Please excuse my guerilla english! I´m a little rusty on that. Need a refreshment course!
  15. @onjegolders & Craig A Rodway Thanks guys! It was indeed the exclamation mark "!" that caused the trouble. I start new projects with a "!" at start of the foldername to bring them to the top on this loooong list of projects. And normaly I never had issues with it. "RewriteBase /!soulsliverCMS/processwire/" did not solve this problem so I renamed the folder to "soulsliver", flushed the database and reinstalled ProcessWire. It´s working fine now. Thanks again for the help! greetings Soulsliver
  16. Greetings ProcessWire community! Ahhh, the first magic post in a new forum... This should be something meaningfull, yet this is just a question from a newborn webguy from germany. After all the fighting with overblown CMS systems I found this promising beauty! I use XAMPP on a local system to get used to new tools. So I installed ProcessWire without problems. After that all the links are throwing me back to the XAMPP startpage. Example: "http://localhost/!soulsliverCMS/processwire" Throws me back to: "localhost/xampp/" Is there some config.php stuff I have to change for it to work in my local environment? greetings Soulsliver
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