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    Processwire and SEO

    Hey, guys. 3 a.m and a heavy rain in Rio de Janeiro. I can't sleep on nights like these.. so i started thinking about search engines. I know PW uses pages to gather information and generate content, while other cms are bucket based and have a lot of functionality but a little bit harder to control and extract. The real question is: to search engines, is there any difference between these too types of cms? How good is PW when search engine becomes really relevant to the project?
  2. Omg, thank you for the explanation, learned a lot now.
  3. You're totally right. I messed my ctrl C ctrl V. I get this: /site/assets/files/1031/ ... and the filename is not in the output anyway. do you know why?
  4. Sorry if I have confused you guys, I 'm not a native English speaker. I'll try to explain what is happening. Let's take a look at Joss code: <?php echo "<img src='{$article->featured_image->url}' atl='{$article->featured_image->description}' >"; ?> That code doesn't work for me. Images do not display. If I take a look at them, I see the path to the folder containing the image, but the filename is not in the output and so the image is not displayed (though the description works). I know I could have done what you guys suggested, but I didn't because the image was not showing. In another words: why $article->featured_image->url is only giving to me something like: /post/July/postname/ (filename misssing!!!) --- Adrian, when I said that the problem was solved... I meant the image description now works using your code ( that was the issue I created the topic for).
  5. Thank you, Adrian for your answer. I don't know why images work at all either!!! I know the code could be better but I am just experimenting things. When I use <?php echo $article->featured_image->url; ?> I just get the path to the image, the image name was not there, so it didn't work. That is why I used <?php echo $article->featured_image ?> right beside it... and it worked. Am I doing something wrong here? --- Putting 'first' did solve problem. Thank you for that, but the code you suggested did not work for me. As I said, in the output I got the path to the image, but not its name. Thank you for quick answer. Edit: I was really hoping that <?php echo $article->featured_image->url; ?> would return me that image url including its name. But id doesn't , is this normal?
  6. Sure! Here is the code of the page: <?php $articles = $pages->find("template=post-page, sort=-created"); ?> <?php foreach ($articles as $article) { ?> <div class='article'> <a href="<?php echo $article->url; ?>"><img src='<?php echo $article->featured_image->url; ?><?php echo $article->featured_image ?>' alt='<?php echo $article->featured_image->description; ?>' /></a> </div> <?php } ?>
  7. Hey, guys. I'm having some difficulty in outputting an image description as alt attribute. I created a field called featured_image. Using foreach I list all articles that use a certain template. I can display the image normally using: $article->featured_image $article->featured_image->url, works just fine. But when i use $article->featured_image->description nothing happens =( I'm just learning php and have no idea what am I doing wrong. Any help? Thank you.
  8. Joss, can you believe I wasn't seeing changes because somehow things were cached in the browser? I cleaned it, it worked. I tried my phone and it was working '-' . Thank you for your help.
  9. Hey, LostKobrakai. Thank you for your quick answer! I already tried that, with or without TInymce enabled and It didn't work. <p> tags were always converted. Joss, thank you too. I'll take a look at those links now and tell you here what I found out (sh4tinymce looks awesome). Could you tell me why, even using <pre> and <code> whith Tinymce disabled some html like <p> and <div> gets converted?
  10. Hey, guys!!! I'm having a very big problem with Tinymce in processwire. I feel so stupid about it, but can't find the solution. Hope someone can help me. When I change to html and paste html tags inside a <code> tag, they get converted and disapear. How can I avoid this? All Iwanted was to show some code examples. I feel so noob right now '-' Thank you =)
  11. Thank you guys! I took a little longer to reply because I had connection issues. After looking at the files I could finally understand it (and the search works!!!). Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction = )
  12. Hey, guys. I've been a daily visitor of this forum and have learned a lot from you, thanks for that. \o/ I'm learning php, so I'm quite noob =( , and decided to try and learn it with processwire. I'm loving it. I really enjoy the fact that I can build something based on totally different approaches. But I'm having a problem on how to create and structure a Search. Can someone provide me a few tips on where to begin? Thanks in advance xoxo
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