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  1. Hi, My site is in large parts made up of "blocks" of text. I use more or less one single template for all pages that do not have specific functions. I have 4 different Page fields that bring in content from my "blocks". The reason is that I want to re-use same information in several places. For example in my Product pages I can call up the same "Electrical Spec" block for several products and I can maintain this "spec" in one single place. I had a look at using PageTable instead. This however do not cater for re-using the same block (sub-page) in several places. However it had this great feature to be able to edit the block (sub-page) directly from the list of pages in Admin. With Page I do not get that, I only get the trashcan. So if I want to edit one of the sub pages I need to wander off in the page tree to where my sub pages live and find the correct block / sub-page. First I thought that modifying PageTable so that it is capable of not only creating new pages but actually import pages just like the Page field would be good. Thinking it through though then I realize that would get many implication to PageTable fields ability to delete/trash/manage sub-pages. And the Page field give me exactly what I want. Apart from the ability to "jump" into the referenced page and have it edited. So now my desire is to have not only a trashcan option for the Page field but an option for Edit the page referenced. Has anyone done this before or have ideas on how this could be implemented? In fact I think it would be a really good core option to be able to have an Edit link as well as the Trash link for pages in a Page field. If you reference actual pages or sub pages with the Page field you'd likely want to be able to also jump into these pages and see/edit the content. ps: The Topic Title "Madify" do not refer to the fact this issue drives me mad. It is simply a typo that I cannot correct since it is the topic title..... sorry about that.
  2. Hi Ryan, I am using the latest ProcessWire-master.zip from the normal main download. readme.md says "ProcessWire 2.4" without any subversion number. Today I tried to simply delete the module from outside (since I could not do it through GUI). I moved the module folder "FieldtypeCropImage" to temporary location. After that I got warnings in red for each pageload complaining fieldtype CropImage did not exist, however each page in back-end still loading. I went into modules and installed CropImage again. PW said it upgraded CropImage, and from there on all works. My problem is gone. Thanks!
  3. Update: Deleting all rows from field_thumbnail_image using phpMyAdmin enabled me to delete the field thumbnail_image from all my 14 templates. It i still impossible to edit the field thumbnail_image itself though (in my case the url is: http://localhost/processwire/setup/field/edit?id=151), I still get the same error message as above.
  4. Hi, I have a field called thumbnail_image. It is used in 14 of my templates. It started out as a normal image field reducing uploaded images into 150X150px images. After installing CropImage I altered the field type from normal Image into CropImage. Something went badly wrong. Already while saving the field change something went wrong after confirming I wanted the change. Unfortunately I did not save the error message at that point. Now I get error message in the following cases: 1: While trying to edit a page based on any of the templates that has the thumbnail_image (CropImage type) field. 2: If trying to delete the field thumbnail_image (CropImage type) from any of the 14 templates. Once confirming "Delete" I get the error screen. 3: If trying to edit the thumbnail_image field I get the error screen instead of the Edit Field screen. In all cases the error message comes on a plain white page as text only with the following text being the same for all three cases: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in C:\wamp\www\wire\modules\Fieldtype\FieldtypeFile.module on line 54 Catchable fatal error: Argument 3 passed to FieldtypeFile::setupHooks() must be an instance of Inputfield, instance of stdClass given, called in C:\wamp\www\wire\modules\Fieldtype\FieldtypeFile.module on line 56 and defined inC:\wamp\www\wire\modules\Fieldtype\FieldtypeFile.module on line 80 This error message was shown because site is in debug mode ($config->debug = true; in /site/config.php). Error has been logged. I cannot remove the CropImage module since the field is in use. I cannot delete the thumbnail_image field since it is used in templates. Hoping for some assistance so I can avoid re-creating all my 14 templates...! I do not mind loosing what is already in the thumbnail_image field.
  5. Thanks renobird, and thanks Martijn. You both put me on to something that does just what I was looking for. Playtime...
  6. Hi, I am building a first landing page that is basically built up by blocks of other pages. Something like the widgets in the Blog module. I load the blocks I want by using a Page type field and select and re-arrange the order of the blocks to be shown on the first page. Each block then being a page of it's own it has awareness of itself only. For example I could make an image gallery block that shows the images I uploaded to that specific block. So far no problem. My issue is, how can I make the block (i.e. page) aware of what is going on in the page it is loaded into? Making this a fixed thing is ok, I can have the "Home Page" load and render my "Block A" page. The template for "Block A" can then read stuff from "Home Page" and perform things based on information in "Home Page". Now the issue: If I want to be able to load this "Block A" page into say "Products" page as well as "Home Page" then the template for "Block A" would need to know who called it so that it can look into what is available in the calling page. I was thinking for my "Home Page" and my "Product Page" to set a flag as a Session Variable. Going by Page Name would also work but have to be hard coded as well as able to deal with potential URL segments. I just feel I am missing something, that there is another and more proper way for "Block A" to know what is in fact the primary page being loaded and that it is a part of being rendered into Thoughts anyone?
  7. Thanks Horst, your tip for turning on Debug solved my problem. I did not know there was a Debug setting. Debug gave me an extensive list instead of the short error message. The problem came from having one file in the template directory named "!tmp.php". Just a scrap file I used as clipboard for bits and pieces, named with a leading "!" so that it would sort at top of the file list in my editor. Now, the "!" in the file name was the culprit. Naming or renaming any PHP file in the /template/ directory with a leading "!" will re-create the problem. Lesson of the day: Do not use leading "!" in template file names. Thanks everyone helping out in his forum. Process Wire is just amazing.
  8. Hi, Got a problem here. When I use the back-end and try to create a new template I end up on this page: "/processwire/setup/template/add". The page starts with an error-block saying: "Unknown Selector operator: '=!' -- was your selector value properly escaped?" and the rest of the page is empty. No new templates for me.... Well, not true, I work around it by copying some existing template and rename it so I am not stuck, still this is an annoyance. I have not installed any new modules after this error started to occur so I doubt it can be from a module (not that I know if any module is involved in creating a new template). The only module I have modified is "MarkupBlog". Restored the code on that one, but did not help. Anyone had this problem before?
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