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  1. I just try it, and it didn't work. The problem is the same, the php sentence are commented.
  2. In the same server we have a simple file (.php) and he works fine. I'm making a form to upload file, this is my code: <form class='forum-form' accept-charset="utf-8" action='./formrms' method='post' enctype='multipart/form-data' > <input type='file' id='attach' name='attach_file' multiple='multiple' accept='image/jpg,image/jpeg,image/gif,image/png' /> <!-- this is the input tag for the image attachment --> <input type='submit' name='add_file' value='Add file'/> <!--this is the submit to upload image attachment before submitting entire form --> <input type='submit' name='form_submit' value='Submit'/> <!-- this is the submit to send entire data --> </form> <?php if ($this->input->post->add_file){ $this->uploadImage(); $attached_file = $this->session->attach_markup; } ?> And this is the result: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80634129/error.png I'm here "/site/templates/formrms.php", then I'm not in the admin templates.
  3. I put this code in my template file (.php): <?php echo "hi"; ?> And in the website nothing appears, I just can see this when i check the source code: <!-- ?php echo "hi"; ?-->
  4. Good morning, I'm working about a website made with Processwire, I don't know a lot about this CMS 'cause it's the first time I'm working with it. We have to change this website and when we try to use php in some template files (.php), it autocomment itself. Anyone has a solution about this, please? Thanks, Have a nice day
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