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  1. As an addition I also tried using a repeater that contains a single image with a textarea field. Unfortunately I already use a repeater for the content that holds the image and as stated here it is not possible to use repeater inside repeater.
  2. In another topic Ryan introduced a simple module to extend the functionality of the image input field. I want to go a little bit further by extending the description textarea with the usage of the Markup fields and editors, configurable in the image extra input. I tried to copy some parts from the other input fields but don't get it to work properly. In the end I would like to have an image input field with title and description, where the description should use markdown extra and the ace editor textarea field. Anyone who can help me with that?
  3. Oh, it was my fault, didn't know I had to change the schema. Another question for this. I use Markdown Extra and the ACE-Editor for the textareas, is it possible to use this on the description field? It would be nice if you could configure the description field as any other textarea field.
  4. I tried to use the plugin to extend the image field with 2 new text-input-fields. Everything seems to work fine except the data didn't get saved. Are there any additions to do to use the plugin with 2.4?
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