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  1. Apparently there is only one @sfbart police officer to handle all the east bay stations below Oakland. Fucking ridiculous.

  2. RT @briankrebs: Equifax breach response turns into a giant dumpster fire https://t.co/iNNTIagHRc < Analysis of arguably the worst breach re…

  3. Here's to hoping the @thedailybeast, along with @NicoHines, gets the same treatment @Gawker did for outing people against their wishes.

  4. I'm not using an ad blocker but @Kiplinger's broken website kicked me out because it thought I was.

  5. @AskLyft are you putting out enough drivers this weekend for #OutsideLands so there won't be $400 fares like last year?

  6. @Forbes I don't use an adblocker but your website no longer lets me past the loading page. Ya'll broke something.

  7. @ScreepsGame yeah if we could programmatically trigger this it would be awesome!

  8. @hulu_support Who can we convince at @TheCW to fix this? I'd watch more of their shows if they made it possible to actually watch them.

  9. @hulu why don't you have full seasons of things like Flash? I'd like watch it but not from the middle . . .

  10. Autoplaying ads 15 minutes after the page is open is why @Newsweek is now in my adblocker. Have some respect for your users!

  11. Yesssss. Now to get my last machines off of @linode . . . https://t.co/plE8msbbO1

  12. @SlackHQ It would be great if you had a "paid community" version. I don't want to pay per user, but would pay for more than 10k archive.

  13. RT @ScreepsGame: Screeps World Review, June 2016 https://t.co/pn8ArtuVuu https://t.co/4ddHDAdVWh

  14. RT @ScreepsGame: Join us on Slack! https://t.co/Z9vzcbUDmF

  15. @philsturgeon if you want to talk for real lets do it somewhere without a 140 limit.

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