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  1. Done, I linked to this thread on both of them. Weird how I got to that. Forgot I had signed up with Facebook the first time and couldn't get into the account, so I guess I created another one. And the third one is using the company email - it's the one on which I bought all the paid modules - I have my licenses linked to it. Obviously I want to keep the last one but won't be posting on it (except on the VIP support section which only it has access to). I will go back to only posting from my original account. As for the second one (the one used to create this thread) - is it ok to delete it?
  2. WOW, that was it, suhosin was the culprit. I recompiled Apache with the same exact settings as last time except I removed suhosin. Everything just works now (just like the Processwire I know and love) Image uploads now work even while using the deprecated CropImage module on an 2.7 install (upgraded from 2.3), inside a repeater, which was previously simply unthinkable. (not using this in production, just doing an upgrade on an old site and thought to check). The server is even a lot more responsive, the time to first byte decreased from 2-3 seconds to 0.6 seconds, and that was another problem I was trying to solve. Suhosin is now officially a plague upon humanity as far as I am concerned, I can't believe I didn't know about its effects. Thanks so, so, much Ryan and everyone else who helped! So happy I could dance right now Now, about that payment? I normally run much tighter permissions, that website is not a live one, I just used it to try and debug the issue. It had those permissions left over form when I had a different PHP handler that required them and I left them like that to try an rule out any permissions issues. The suhosin issue was happening even on 640 permissions.
  3. Thanks so much for your help Ryan! To address your suggestions: 1. I will disable suhosin and see if it makes any diference. 2. changing the browser didn't help as far as I know but I will test again. We normally use the latest version of Chrome. 3. $config->chmodDir = '0777'; $config->chmodFile = '0666'; 4. If I could reliably reproduce this on a clean install I would have filed a bug ages ago. Unfortunately it seems to appear after some undetermined amount of time, under unknown conditions, for unknown causes. That's what makes it so frustrating and so hard to debug. Thanks so much for the hosting suggestions guys, I will definitely give those a try, I also bought a cheap Godaddy hosting account before I saw your posts (bluehost was only allowing yearly plans for non-VPS) so I will also try it there.
  4. On a related note: can anybody send me their server configuration (especially if you are hosting on ServInt)? I can pass it along to ServInt support and ask that they configure the server exactly the same. Worth a shot?
  5. Correct. I won't be getting a VPS but a shared account, so I won't be having access to server configurations, that's why I was asking for a shared hosting recommendation. I already have a VPS which I can configure - that's my initial problem, finding the correct config. I'm in a situation where ServInt support says it's a Processwire issue, and the Processwire community says it's a hosting issue I know processwire.com is on ServInt, that's why we chose them initially, because I saw a forum post from Ryan recommending them. Was hoping to avoid this kind of issue. Guess that didn't work out quite as planned
  6. We develop on the same server, on development subdomains. Could I please get a recommendation for a host that runs without problems? Thanks!
  7. I looked at the error logs of two of the affected websites, the logs contain no errors at all being generated when I save the affected pages. I'll try moving an install to another host, but if the problem goes away, how do we know what caused it? Do we compare server settings? i wouldn't know where to begin. There might be a lot of differences and only one might be causing the issue. As for the PW versions, this has been happening from 2.3.0 al the way to 2.7. With normal, core image fields, CropImage fields (deprecated plugin - talking about the older versions of PW where we used it) and CroppableImage plugin. What host do you recommend for moving one of the affected websites to?
  8. @Pete, the host is ServInt, we have a VPS there. @Adrian, looking for errors now, will post back shortly. Thanks for the help! Also, I have tested multiple PHP handlers in hopes of fixing the issue and it persisted on all of them.
  9. Thanks, here it goes. I've attached the full PHP config as an image, here: http://ucw1.dvsdev.com/php-full-config.png (couldn't figure out a way to attach it to the post without embedding it, and it's quite large) . Please let me know if there's anything missing: server: CENTOS 5.11 x86_64 virtuozzo Default PHP Version (.php files): 5 PHP 5 Handler: suphp Apache suEXEC: off Apache Ruid2: off Apache 2.2 with modules: Asis AuthnDefault Deflate Env Expires Fileprotect Headers Mod FastCGI v2.3.9 Mod SuPHP 0.7.2 Proxy Version PHP 5.5 Bcmath CGI Calendar CurlSSL FTP GD Iconv Imap MailHeaders Mbregex Mbstring Mcrypt MySQL "Improved" extension. Mysql Openssl PDO PDO MySQL POSIX Pear Safe PHP CGI Sockets TTF (FreeType) Zip Zlib Additional OptMods Suhosin %s for PHP
  10. As I said, I have had this issue before. I didn't want to do thread necromancy so I opened up this new one offering to pay for a solution. For some reason I missed Ryan's reply on the second thread you mentioned. As you can see in that thread I did respond, provide details and updates on attempted fixes, but none of them worked. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, that was not the intention. I'm not looking for any trouble, I'm just trying to save our company's websites. We have had this problem on fresh installs of version 2.7 and above on our server. It doesn't occur right away, and that's the problem. If I knew of a sure-fire way to reproduce this I would file a bug. Please let me know what I should do at this point.
  11. We have been having this huge issue for a year or so and despite repeated posts on the forums I am unable to find a solution. Our inability to fix this is ruining our business and the reputation we have built with our clients. The problem is that an image field will sometimes will break with no visible cause. It will either: - stop saving image descriptions (first simptom) - stop saving any image files that are uploaded to it. The image files seem to be uploading just fine, but when you save the page they disappear. It started with just a single field on a single website. Over time, the issue has begun appearing all over our websites that are using Processwire. We've had to do workarounds such as creating a new image field and manually re-uploading all the files for all the pages, but it doesn't take long before the new field breaks too (and it's very time consuming to do). As I've said, I've posted about this before, each time it was considered a freak occurrence, not worth investigating further, since no one else seems to be having the same issue. I have tried all I can to fix this (creating new fields, creating new Processwire installs, changing server configurations, updating Processwire, using different image fields) - nothing works. I use to love Processwire, now I fear I've made a big mistake choosing it as our main CMS. We've built many websites around it, and it seems all of them are susceptible to this bug. I am willing to pay for the time of someone how can fix this. I will provide access to whatever they need (Processwire, FTP, database, even server configuration - we have our own VPS with Servint and can pretty much do anything to it). Please, anyone who can help, let me know here as soon as possible. We can't afford to put the time in to switch all our websites to another CMS. There's too many of them and some are pretty complex. I love Processwire for everything it can do, but this bug is killing us.
  12. In PW 2.4.0, if you add a Page field with a PageListSelectMultiple input type, it works fine unless it's included in a FieldSetTab field, in which case its items cannot be sorted. Moving it out of a FieldSetTab makes the pages sortable again, but the problem repeats if the field is again moved into a FieldSetTab. If anyone can let me know how I can fix this I'd greatly appreciate it. EDIT: I noticed the classes "ui-sortable InputfieldPageListSelectMultipleSortable" are missing from the OL when the page select field is inside the FieldSetTab. I tried adding them through jquery and through the module directly but it still doesn't fix the problem. There are no JS errors being displayed.
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