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  1. I need your help, after moving to another server i cant login anymore. I read all the topics https://processwire.com/talk/topic/1563-this-request-was-aborted-because-it-appears-to-be-forged/ https://processwire.com/talk/topic/6001-this-request-was-aborted-because-it-appears-to-be-forged/ https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5317-cant-log-in-this-request-was-aborted-because-it-appears-to-be-forged/#entry51172 But to be honest i cant figure out how i accomplished these steps, which should fix the problem. And on top my english isnt the best, so its very hard for me to follow the guide. How can i check that /site/config.php is readable. And where do i copy the index.php vom dev branch, which is described here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5317-cant-log-in-this-request-was-aborted-because-it-appears-to-be-forged/#entry51172 Sorry for bothering you again with this kind of problem.
  2. Hey, my rendertime lies between 0.300s and 1.3s I think i will purchase ProCache when my website is in the final state. I think i stay with my host at the moment, and when its getting worse i maybe switch. But thank you everybody for investigate and helping me to find the problem. Thank you.
  3. My rendertime is very high too. Could it be that i have to much php calls? I have on the one site over 75 <?=$page->...> codes. And when i looked at myPHPadmin, it looks really chaotic, is that normal, that every field i created gets a own placement in the left ? (Sorry im not so good at phpmyadmin/mysql) Maybe i make something wrong?
  4. Its for germany, and i think my host sits in denmark
  5. Yeah, i reduced everything i could. In the near future i want to minify the html, js, css and include gzip and expire headers. But only the server respones times is a pain in the ***. I showed my site a good friend and it loads 7 sec on his pc & 6 sec was waiting time for the server again.
  6. Great idea. I gonna implement it when i'm at home. If the response time is 1000ms and the render time of the php is 300 ms what would that mean for the host and me?
  7. Hi Soma, thank you for your answer. I ask my hosting support already, but because i know that if they dont find anything they will blame it on my cms. And then i could say that i have checked everyhing with the help of some professionals and the CMS isnt the problem. To test the page cache i used a different browser and i was logged out, but i still get repsonse time like 1sec. I would buy ProCache but im afraid that it doesnt work like the page cache. Have the ProCache installation issues? If its really the host. Could someone recommend me a good europe host? And thank you all again for your time and help.
  8. Thanks for your answer. does that effect the server response time for the html, like in my screenshot of my first post shown? Cause my problem is not the loading of request just the waiting time after the server response the first time. The problem seems to lie on the html /php file. Has anyone a idea why the built in page/template cache doesnt seem to work?
  9. Hey, its only happen sometimes, but even 600ms is really high in my opinion. And it tried different networks (work, home, friends, etc) I tried the built-in page cache, but it seems it doesn't work, cause after loading the page the first time, the page doesn't load faster the next time. Is there something i must config in the .htaccess or somewhere else to make the built-in page cache run?
  10. Hey, sometimes i have for my first request for the .html a waiting time of over 3000ms (source: screenshot attached). This happen to my own templates but its even happen with the processwire standard template. for example: gentledram.de/whisky/ Is there anything i can config in processwire to reduce the server response? Thanks
  11. Thanks, i gonna test it tomorrow. Till then, a happy New year everybody Edit: Thanks, i tested the second code: $overviewchildren = $page>siblings("id!=$page, limit=4"); And it works perfectly.
  12. Sorry for that messy topic title but my problem seems very complicated to describe in so few words. So here a better description of my issue: I have a many product detail site under a parent called /overview/. On this product detail site is at the footer a listing of all the others product detail sites including the site itself. (all children of the parent /overview/. So i have for example: /overview/test1/ /overview/test2/ /overview/test3/ /overview/test4/ /overview/test5/ My Code look like this at the moment: <?php $overview = $pages->get("/overview/"); $overviewchildren = $overview->children("limit=4"); foreach($overviewchildren as $overviewchild) {?> <a href="<?=$overviewchild->url?>"><?=$overviewchild->title?></a> <?}?> Now on the site /overview/test1/ the code list show test1, test2, test3, test4. But i want that the child on which the user is at the moment dont show up at the list. So for the site /overview/test2/ the list should show test1, test3, test4 and test5. I hope you understand my problem , cause im from germany and to describe a php issue in english is very hard for me. Thanks a lot everybody for helping me.
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