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  1. I forgot my admin username and password... Can you help me track this down?
  2. Thanks for the welcome. And thanks to everyone for a ton of awesome advice.
  3. A few days ago, I was searching for a microblog replacement. WordPress has failed me for years - bloated... slowed down my site to a crawl... and was hacked into several times. I followed your excellent installation manual and bam - it's up and running. Thank you SO much. I'm in love with ProcessWire. The community is quite amazing. Your forum is buzzin' - nice! I have one suggestion and one question: The admin URL was confusing to me. Now I get it... I think it's the login URL. And unlike WordPress, finding the login is hidden (I'm guessing for better security). WordPress fails here as my site was regularly "dictionary" attacked. I would HIGHLY recommend warning users about this - I've been looking for the login URL for about an hour now. I'd suggest telling people to bookmark the URL to login (I'd also recommend changing the admin URL to something other than default for better security). Now for my question: I've put together a VERY simple, yet advanced CSS file for a responsive and easy-on-the-eyes layout on my new website. And I'd like to clone this within my ProcessWire blog. Here's a screen grab of the look: My confusion is about themes and layouts... I've searched your entire forum for an answer - but it seems everything is tied to an administration layout. Isn't the admin different than a layout for what my visitor sees? Can you help point me in the right direction?
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