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  1. Thanks fmgujju, Just fixed that, so nice of you to bring that top notice. About the text I have been looking for a reason why it is behaving so, would be great if you could help out. Thanks again.
  2. Dear Ryan, Please accept my appreciation on the system that you have created. Processwire is amazing. We were planning to redesign and make our Film Magazine more attractive and easy to manage, especially as it was run by a very short staff. We had been lagging behind in deadlines with each issue. We started the process about 5 months ago, when I started searching for the most suitable system to trust the work to. I have been a wordpress developer for sometime, but I did not want to take that path, frankly very annoyed with the huge amount of mostly defunct and dead plugins and other things that makes it tedious to run a website for a developer ( those are just my thoughts ). The process was gradual, and I was tremendously impressed by the conciseness of the entire Processwire system and the support forums, suffice it to say that, I did not have to ask any questions in the forums to work things out, the answers were all there. This is the first forum post that I am writing and this is after the job has been completed. I invite the community and especially Ryan to please have a look at the Magazine, its available here: PROJECTORHEAD Although it is still a work in progress, but we feel glad to release the magazine with the new issue. The magazine has been in existence for more than 2 years and this is the ninth issue. The blog section on the website is still running wordpress. I would love to hear feedback about the website, both in terms of content and design, and ideas about making it more reader friendly. We present this magazine to the community. Thank you. Suraj Prasad Web-Architect PROJECTORHEAD
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