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  1. @DNNCorp yes they are. We've had several recent inquiries regarding #googleamp

  2. Hallmark channel, where actors and actresses go to make movies when they need money.

  3. Awesome night at the LRS Christmas Party. Best party I've ever been too!

  4. Don't name your daughter George...

  5. That is awesome. Very easy implementation versus other content management systems. Can it be taken a step further for a staging environment as well, using that same method?
  6. I have searched the forums and PW documentation and can't find anything on this topic. Is there a config someone has implemented for using PW in multiple environments? I'm using Git with DeployHQ to deploy changes and would like a config that will detect which environment the site is on thusly loading the appropriate DB details.
  7. It bears repeating that I have only been using PW for two days before I go any further. I did readjust things to negate the repeater and only use a pageListSelectMultple in its place, which is working out well. My burden now is the proper output. I can spit out placeholder text accurately for how many "callouts" I have assigned to a page. But I can't spit out any fields assigned to my callout itself. Right now I am using this code: <?php foreach($page->callouts as $callout) { echo'<div class="small-12 medium-4 large-4 columns">'; echo'{$calllout->title}'; echo'</div>'; } ?> The html is output of course, but instead of my callouts actual title, I am getting {$callout->title}. Any assistance would be highly appreciated. I have done much reading, but just don't know what to do from here.
  8. I found the answer to my question. Created a "callouts" repeater with a page field called "callout" listing my callouts page children. Works perfectly. The flexibility and amount of user of PW is simply astounding!
  9. I am new to ProcessWire of course, but loving every minute of developing with it. What I am looking to do is to make a field that can list all children of a page. My page would be "callouts" and the children would be "callouts". I would like to list these in a field in another pages template that lists the "callouts" so that the user can pick a number (lets say 3) of them and they will then show on that page. It is preferred for each page to have a unique set of callouts. The alternative, I supposed, is to return only the latest-x callouts on each page, but this negates any amount of customization in regard to these callouts. Is this possible? Can anyone send me in the right direction?
  10. Absolutely loving @processwire! In two days I am happier with this than any CMS i've ever used. (including ee)

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