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  1. Lol I came to ask the same question. We need migrations for processwire. Ryan: can you publish the whole phpdoc API of PW's core so that we can build our own migrations?
  2. I see, it's partly my fault - I copied the whole website from dist to local without copying the assets directory, imported a DB dump - thus no install and its checks. And PW didn't give an error when failing to write sessions to an unexisting assets/sessions. That's where it should raise
  3. Suggestion: Processwire should explicitly require the developer to create site/assets/{cache,logs,files,sessions} and set appropriate write permissions for the web server to those directories. Or raise an error when unable to write to them. Because I've had problems with session data not being saved and no error shown or logs written.
  4. Solved myself. PW stores session in its own directory ini_set("session.save_path", rtrim($config->paths->sessions, '/')); I made the capcha use the same session path and it now works.
  5. Hi, new forum look, cool haha! Look, I'm trying to use Securimage capcha in a template. The SESSION vars that the capcha image sets get lost somewhere in processwire. The API page says that this superglobal is always available. Do you have any hints where $_SESSION may be reset? Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I am using my own pagination. I need a COUNT(*) query matching selector params. I found a count() method in another thread. $pages->find(template=name, start=0, limit=10); $pages->count(template=name); Does this count() make a COUNT(*) query, or does it load everything? Is it possible to display SQL queries that PW makes? Or even better, display SQL queries for specific selector calls?
  7. bpz

    Log messages

    Thank you for your quick reply, I will look into it. And when I get the project done, I will let you know via PM - you'll see how cool your framework is ha!
  8. Hi, First off, thank you developers for this beautiful framework. I love it. 2 questions: Is there a processwire function to log custom messages? Database or file. I'd like to use it for noncritical errors. What is the processwirish way to deal with critical errors? Now I just throw an Exception() (gets caught). Thanks!
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