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  1. I am hosted at ipage.com... I have no idea why it is interacting badly... Listen, honestly, it seems like Processwire is just as heavy as Wordpress... I honestly wanted a barebones CMS... and I don't think this is it - especially since I don't even think I'm gonna be changing it enough to warrant a database, which - as you can see - is not my strong point. Anyway, meantime, I can't seem to upload an image in these forums, so no screen grab... but the text when I use "localserver" looks like this: " AND ": "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)" AND "Database connection information did not work." AND When I pick up the "hostname" from the MySQL system variables, it looks like this: "Can't connect to MySQL server on 'boscustsqlm44.eigbox.net' (111)" AND "Database connection information did not work." AND Last because there was something about "socket" I also went in and found something out about "socket"... Then it looks like: "Unknown MySQL server host '/var/mysql/ipg47/mysql.sock' (1)" AND "Database connection information did not work."
  2. I FINALLY found where my DB Port information was under "system variables" from the phpmyadmin home page, but I can't get the correct information as far as the DB host goes. I have tried nearly everything, from "localhost" to the listing under "hostname" also listed in the variables, and then finally I was getting an error message saying something about a "socket", so I found a listing for "socket from the system variables and that, TOO, didn't work. I created the database correctly, named the dang thing correctly, I KNOW I put in the correct password... Nothing seems to be working. I wanted to use ProcessWire because it was suppoosed to be a fast easy and light alternative to Wordpress. I'm builidng my own template and it's gonna be a mostly static site... I just wanted to throw it up on the web while streamlining it enough for some changes to content every once and awhile... But this is not fitting the bill.
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