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  1. No, I'm not getting it to work. I gave it 5 hours and everything seems to be ok when installing, but no admin panel appears. Frustration is taking over... maybe I'm smarter after a good night sleep.
  2. Thank you very much for a swift reply! defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE killall Finder That worked, and I can open and edit .htaccess I uncommented the rewrites and saved, then installed. but no. after installation, there is still no /processwire directory . The installer shows green everywhere. Just making sure, where should I put the ProcessWire-master folder containing the installation? I have it in the root of my "apache2/htdocs" that I use for development. Should it go somewhere else, like in the apps folder where phpmyadmin resides or something? ...getting closer, but not quite there yet.
  3. Hello! I'm using Bitnami MampStack on my OSX (newest version of everything). I got the SQL database created and I got Processwire installed with "green lights" everywhere, but after the installation - pretty much nothing happens. I only get the "Basic Example Site" page under http://localhost:8080/ProcessWire-master/, but notheing else works. Everything points to .htaccess, but there is no .htacces files anywhere to be edited. I tried reading up on the topic, but it soon became overwhelming and went over my head so to speak.. Would it be possible to get a little help? I have very little sever-side knowledge as I'm basically just a front end dev who would like to get to know processwire from exactly that point of view. The back end guys abviously allready have processwire installed on their servers, but they don't run macs and I want to get to know processwire locally and test modules in a sandboxed enviroment... The Bitnami Stack system is a development enviroment and you can install it for free from the App store and try installing Processwire on it and see where it stalles... Even greater would be if there would be a Stack with Processwire pre-installed in the stack! http://bitnami.com/stacks Looking forward for some help!
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