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  1. Got same problem, thing is i downloaded newes dev version of pw, and now forget password plugin dont work. Usualy i just reseted password and it worked.

    If u have stable version of PW then all u need to do is reset your password when logging in.


    Ok it works its my bad, previously  you had to enter email address now system asking you for username.

    So ye best way to do this is to reset your password with this plugin, if u dont have it installed then i propose to install it on your local then copy database again to your destination server along with the module files. then when loging in u will have forget password button, enter email address or username (depends on your PW version). and wait for email. Change your password and thats it.

    I had same problem once now i allways isntall forget password module (its in core)

    is there any easy way?  I still have my old host file back up. and password of pw with old host is still nice logged

  2. Hello haha,

    one question: Have you reinstalled processwire and after transferred the templates + database ?

    The password are "salted" with a key defined in /site/config.php. This key must be the same as previous installation, if not you cannot login.

     * Installer: User Authentication Salt
     * Must be retained if you migrate your site from one server to another
    $config->userAuthSalt = '[alphanumeric string]';

    no reinstallation. the Salt is excatly the same one

  3. Creating a template php file in your file system won't automatically create a template in PW. You still need to go to Setup > Templates and add the new template.

    Also, I am not sure why you are creating a separate brands-head.inc file. All you need to do is add a conditional statement in your head.inc file.

    Something like:

    if($page->template != "brands-basic-page"){
      //echo the sidebar

    Let us know if that helps you sort things out.

    Cool. I ve made it.  I've created another head.inc cause i don't know the command you wrote for me. thanks dude. :P

  4. hey,I just post image to describe my problem

    there i have a page "brands", I don't wanna the 'brands's sidebar' shown his children pages.

    so I went to make another head.inc ,named "brands-head.inc" and  'brands-basic-page.php' which would grab 'brands-head.inc'.


    there are parts of my 'brands-head.inc' code

        <div id="content" class="content">
            <div class="container">
                <div id="sidebar">
    <!---I had delete the child page content here --->
                    <div class='sidebar_item'>
                        // if the current page has a populated 'sidebar' field, then print it,
                        // otherwise print the sidebar from the homepage
                        if($page->sidebar) echo $page->sidebar;
                            else echo $homepage->sidebar;

    Then why in the page setting tab, I can't find my "brands-basic-page" template?


  5. Are those search examples you gave complete, distinct "words", or are they part of a longer string of characters?

    If the latter, then try changing the selector in the search.php file to:

    $matches = $pages->find("title|body|sidebar%=$q, limit=50");

    Note that I changed "~=" to "%="

    Does that help?

    it helps.   after i change this it works then.  does that give more Pressure to server?

  6. So perhaps you need to look at the code of your search.php template and see if the selector is including the fields where these words occur on your site.

    $matches = $pages->find("title|body|sidebar~=$q, limit=50");

    The default only searches the title, body and sidebar fields. Add any other relevant fields to that | separated list.

    Does that help?

     And all stuff of a website content is included with 'title body sidebar', how can i miss it? i'm not change the code of search.php

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