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  1. i need install pw to a sub-directory, how i modify .htaccess?
  2. change webhost so need change DB name & pass, where to change? config.php?
  3. @adrian it's so hard to figure it out i have tried the methods you gave it to me. then i don't know where to locate the reason of the problem.
  4. I;m using apache and i always catch with 500 error. and i 'm searching for a way that without url rewrite. is it there ? maybe it would solve my problem i've try the ways of comment or uncomment in .htaccess.
  5. there i hold a site http://wifi.dnwx.info you see there is an footer "powered by .... " i have edit it in site/templates/foot.inc but in front it still there i didn't know where to edit it. p
  6. tried some ways none works for me just "This request was aborted because it appears to be forged."
  7. is there any easy way? I still have my old host file back up. and password of pw with old host is still nice logged
  8. no reinstallation. the Salt is excatly the same one
  9. permission of sessions folder is 777
  10. sometimes ago there i got an error of "aborted" when i log in. then now I got error of " login fail" i dont; know what to do with the problem. I have tried of change password with a tech tip in forum but nothing changed I got "login fail" still.
  11. Hey I mean I had installed PW to a database with exist table. as i didn't know which table belongs to PW ,so there I got this problem , I don't know how to backup my database (there is not a prefix of database table)
  12. Hey How to make a back up of my processwire database, except of phpmyadmin.
  13. Cool. I ve made it. I've created another head.inc cause i don't know the command you wrote for me. thanks dude.
  14. hey,I just post image to describe my problem there i have a page "brands", I don't wanna the 'brands's sidebar' shown his children pages. so I went to make another head.inc ,named "brands-head.inc" and 'brands-basic-page.php' which would grab 'brands-head.inc'. there are parts of my 'brands-head.inc' code <div id="content" class="content"> <div class="container"> <div id="sidebar"> <!---I had delete the child page content here ---> <div class='sidebar_item'> <?php // if the current page has a populated 'sidebar' field, then print it, // otherwise print the sidebar from the homepage if($page->sidebar) echo $page->sidebar; else echo $homepage->sidebar; ?> </div> </div><!--/sidebar--> Then why in the page setting tab, I can't find my "brands-basic-page" template?
  15. it helps. after i change this it works then. does that give more Pressure to server?
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