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  1. Yeah, right. I was aware of that post, but when I had tried I could not get the list to work. I will check it out again though and also look at Wanze's link. Thanks.
  2. Hi Martijn, that looks interesting and I may try to use it in another context: To allow people to test anonymously with a "test" user name and password. They could test a little, but without being able to save. I suppose that should be secure enough.
  3. Is it possible to block another user from logging in when someone else is logged in already? The reason I am asking this: I'm setting up a test site for prospective clients. I have arranged it so the site gets set back to the original state every time someone logs in (DB gets restored from a backup copy). If someone else tries to log in at the same time though, things get messed up and have to reset things manually. So I would like to make it impossible to log in if someone else is logged in already and show a message to that effect. My problem is I haven't figured out how to detect if another user is logged in before logging in. (I am using the PageEditSoftLock module, but for this it is not the right thing, even with the hard lock turned on. I need to keep other users from logging in, not just from editing pages.)
  4. Ah, well no, using Google to search the forums hadn't really occurred to me. Thanks for the hint, adrian and kongondo!
  5. @kongondo: No man, I just come to the pub, order a beer and ask the barman.... Cheers! @adrian: Thanks for the link!
  6. Hi all! This doesn't really seem a pub topic, but since I haven't seen a thread that seems more suitable, I figured I might as well post it here: The forum search engine here only wants four letter words or better: It ignores word with less than four letters. For example a search for "PHP version" is apparently not possible. I wonder if this is really the best setting for it and what the reason behind it might be... Oh, sorry, in quotes it does accept it...
  7. That thread is here https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5598-production-site-all-admin-view-links-showing-to-localhost/?hl=localhost . I just hadn´t seen it before - I don't remember now what search terms I used the first time when looking for a solution here on the forums
  8. Hi kongondo, that was by mistake, the name, sorry, I fixed it (though konkondo does not sound so bad either, I think...) What might Teppo be thinking, how do you know?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply kongondo! That was the reason of course! My fault for not reading 'the manual' (again;-)
  10. Can someone tell me how/where the links to view pages are created in the admin page overview? I've developed a site locally and uploaded it to the server. Now the page list view links in the admin area all point to localhost/pagename/. All the rest of the links seem to be correct, both on the front end and in the admin area. The site was developed based on the Zurb Foundation 4 Site Profile (though I don't think that this has anything to do with it). I did some customization on the back end and I thought that this is where the bug came in. To see where I have tested by successively replacing sections of the site with original out-of-the-box PW files, but so far no luck. (It is not in templates-admin/default.php, I've checked that.) I have transferred sites from the same local server to the same hosting environment before with no problem, so that should not be the cause either.
  11. Thanks a lot Adrian! I followed the link you gave, https://processwire....n-form/?p=15919, and there I saw a link to https://processwire.com/talk/topic/107-custom-login/?p=735 and that was pretty much exactly the solution!
  12. With a login link I am either sent to the Admin > Pages view ({$config->urls->admin}) or to the edit view of the page the login link is on ({$config->urls->admin}page/edit/?id={$page->id}) after logging in. I would like to set up a login link that points to the home page instead (the public home page, but as a logged-in user). Possibly also a login link on other pages that sends you to the page itself rather than to its edit view. I havent´t been able to come up with of a way of setting up such a link yet. Does anyone know offhand? Thank you!
  13. Joe

    New Logo

    I love the clouds drifting by! ...I mean on the page background, in case anyone was thinking I was stoned out or something. I hadn´t seen them before, maybe they have been there a long time. But looking at the logo I guess I was paying closer attention to the whole page design...
  14. Thanks kongondo, so I got myself an account on GitHub now and posted the issue: https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/issues/383
  15. But on Github you have to become a member to be able to leave comments I think, because I didn´t see any place to leave any when I looked. And, well, I don´t think I am up to contributing there (yet?;-) with my own modules and such, so I haven't joined.
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