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  1. joey102030's post in About Hashing Method In Pw was marked as the answer   
    alejandro, I have also done a Foxycart / PW integration.
    This took me quite a while to get my head around too.
    Quite simply, it doesn't matter which hashing method you choose in FoxyCart (I chose sha256)
    This was my setup:
    1. customer registers in FoxyCart
    2. customer pays and datafeed is sent back to PW
    3. password in datafeed is already sha256 so I just create a new user in PW with the already hashed password.
    4. new PW user is setup which has a password which is sha256 hashed THEN PW hashed.
    If you are setting up a login form where this user can login to PW, all you have to remember is you must sha256 the entered password, and use that in the $session->login call
    Hope that is all clear
  2. joey102030's post in Non superuser unable to login to backend was marked as the answer   
    Just to update: I update my wire directory to the latest dev and all seems fine now.
  3. joey102030's post in Forgotten Password on the front-end was marked as the answer   
    OK I feel like a n00b now!
    This simple bit of code seems to work anywhere in the front-end:
    if ($this->modules->isInstalled('ProcessForgotPassword')) echo $this->modules->get("ProcessForgotPassword")->execute();
    Obviously it should be attached to a link and used in the same context as in the backend... but It generates the bare unstyled forms, and seems to handle all the functionality perfectly.
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