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  1. yes netcarver, I guess what you said may be happening in case of normal html. But where and how do I specify that mp3 file to be downloaded in Pw . In my application there are 2 options, one is to play the mp3 file (which works in pw using module) and the other is to download that mp3 file (which doesn't work in pw) Thanks.
  2. Thanks for reply. If I give a mp3 link from a normal html file (outside of processwire), it downloads. But from pw cms it doesn't download. I will try option suggested by you.
  3. Hello Team, I have a podcast application, where a user can download mp3 file. I have given a simple link to mp3 file in the editor, but it never downloads. It opens in the browser. Is there any setting in pw cms that is preventing this behaviour. Let me know. Thanks.
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