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  1. HELP!!!! I've been building a back end in ProcessWire. All was going well until it spontaneously began throwing an error when I try and view my page list tree, rendering the entire back end useless. I'm developing locally on Mamp on a Mac. I get the following JavaScript Error: Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'complete' JqueryCore.js:2 v.extend.ajax JqueryCore.js:2 v.(anonymous function) JqueryCore.js:2 v.extend.getJSON JqueryCore.js:2 loadChildren ProcessPageList.js:385 init ProcessPageList.js:119 (anonymous function) ProcessPageList.js:734 v.extend.each JqueryCore.js:2 v.fn.v.each JqueryCore.js:2 $.fn.ProcessPageList ProcessPageList.js:93 (anonymous function) ProcessPageList.js:17 l JqueryCore.js:2 c.fireWith JqueryCore.js:2 v.extend.ready JqueryCore.js:2 A The offending line seems to be: $.getJSON(options.ajaxURL + "?id=" + id + "&render=JSON&start=" + start + "&open=" + options.openPageIDs[0], processChildren); if I threw a try/catch around the 'document.ready' function and it throws an error - it gives me no other info -- just an error and an empty Object. I think it's to do with getting the jSon file. it's three days work down the drain and I'm up against a deadline!!!
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