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  1. Dear Philipp, Thanks, I'll explore this further. If anyone has any more hard data on the maximum page capacity, I'd love to see it. Maybe Ryan has the best handle on that? I found it fascinating that Ryan programmed bulletin board systems (bbs's) in the '90s. Does anyone remember those? I wrote a private, nonprofit BBS in '93, in a scripting language called "Pro-Yam", which was written by Chuck Forsberg, who wrote zmodem. I don't run across many people who have worked with BBS's anymore. Best regards, Peter
  2. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the timely answers! If anyone has hard evidence of huge sites (i.e. how many pages) that PW is currently handling, or a solid analysis of capacity limits, that would be great. => Also, I read the note about creating directories for every page. Has that been fixed in the newer versions? Am I correct in thinking that directories are only made for pages *if* there are images, etc, attached to the page? And... how are those folders managed when a page is moved from one sub-branch (section) to another, or if the friendly url is renamed? Are the folder names based on the IDs, or the headlines or friendly urls? Files for the pages themselves are not created are they? (i.e. static pages?) The pages come from the database, dynamically served? (Sorry, I haven't read through all the docs yet.) I really liked the function in MODX Evo where you could move an entire branch to another parent. Of course, the image assets were handled differently. I'm getting more and more interested in this program. . Thanks for your answers. Peter
  3. Hi Folks, I spent the evening reading many pages about people leaving MODX for ProcessWire, and also reading data on this website. I'm feeling hopeful that I've also found the New Best Thing, since MODX Evo is end of life, and v3 may or may not be what I need. I've been using Evo for quite a while, and liked it very much. I built an online magazine site in EVO (http://significatojournal.com) and was very happy with its flexibility. But perhaps it's time to move on... Before I install ProcessWire, I'd like to ask some feature questions. - I saw an interview where Ryan mentioned a PW site with 100k+ articles. MODX Evo had a 5k article limit, which I was frustrated with. Is 100k the largest PW site out there? Are there any stats on PW maximum article limitations? Could it handle a million pages? (for example). - One of the websites I need to build is not a typical website. It will be mostly private, with members each having individual logins (belonging to groups, as well). It will essentially be a large series of calculated data entry forms that will create a series of one-to-many data records in multiple custom tables, with a combination of text and numeric data. I was originally going to build it from scratch, in PHP, but am now wondering if PW might be able to handle it. - It will require an entire system of private data forms, lists, reports, etc, that would essentially (I assume) replace the typical manager interface. One advantange of using something like PW is that the user management is built in. From this brief description, could PW handle a completely customized interface and application like this? Thanks for any feedback, Peter Brown
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