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  1. Hi, on a client website I've enabled error notification and sometimes I receive such mails with this message: Page: http://www.domain.com/?/ User: ? Error: Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2013] Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 111 (in /kunden/bla/wire/core/ProcessWire.php line 143) What does this mean? Is this normal? Or a kind of hacking attempt? Anything I can do to prevent this? Or just ignore it? ... Thanks Jan
  2. Thanks for the link... but for my project it's too complex, so I finally sticked to some local and remote file syncing for now
  3. Hi, I have the idea to manage the PW templates within a github repo and using a kind of post-commit hook to copy/push changes directly into the site/templates-folder on my own server. That way I'd only need to pull/push in github - no need to synch the files manually... I've read the post-receive hook guide on github. I think it's not that easy because the pw templates folder of course is not accessible via a URL like www.mydomain.com/site/templates ;-) Does anyone have a glue how I can automatically synch my templates files from github to the pw template folder?? Thanks!
  4. Whoohoo, first answer 10 minutes after posting, that's really fast And it works now, many thanks for your explanation. Once again I have the feeling that I think more complicated about an issue than PW
  5. Hi! I've just started developing my first PW project (it's great so far! ) and ran into an issue about how to output an thumbnail image: I want to iterate over news items which have an images repeater (field type "image", inputfield type "image") and display resized images: foreach($page->children as $news_item) { ... if (count($news_item->image_repeater)>0) { foreach ($news_item->image_repeater as $image) { <?= $image->width(250)->url; ?> <img src="<?= $image->width(250)->url; ?>" width="250" alt="" title="<?= $image->description ?>" /> } } } I get an $image returns an ID. The "image" fieldtype has the setting maximum files allowed = 1 (0 didn't work too). PW Version 2.2.13. Any idea? Thx
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