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  1. All good now? Edit: It works for me.
  2. Thanks for sharing it with us. I appreciate you.
  3. Transitioning from CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8 is indeed a significant upgrade, but it's a necessary step given CentOS 7's impending discontinuation. While I haven't personally conducted this specific upgrade with ProcessWire, the process should generally go smoothly if your server environment is properly configured and you follow best practices for system upgrades. Before proceeding, ensure you have a recent backup of your ProcessWire installation and any important data. Additionally, communicate with your service provider to understand the specifics of the upgrade process, any potential risks, and if they have experience with migrating ProcessWire sites. Testing the upgrade in a staging environment can provide valuable insights into compatibility and potential issues before performing the upgrade on your live server. Overall, with proper planning and precautions, transitioning to AlmaLinux 8 should not pose significant challenges for your ProcessWire installation.
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