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  1. Yesterday I removed Comments from my main blog-post template as I was getting way too many spam comments and just figured that I didn't need comment functionality that badly. Turns out that seems to have broken the site? I am getting all sorts of errors now when I attempt to view the site, and I am baffled about how removing the comments from the template seems to have caused this. Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function count() on null in site/templates/_uikit.php:830 #0 site/templates/blog-post.php (60): ukBlogPost(Object(Page), Array) #1 wire/core/TemplateFile.php (328): require('/home/roadwolf/...') #2 wire/core/Wire.php (413): TemplateFile->___render() #3 wire/core/WireHooks.php (952): Wire->_callMethod('___render', Array) #4 wire/core/Wire.php (484): WireHooks->runHooks(Object(TemplateFile), 'render', Array) #5 wire/modules/PageRender.module (575): Wire->__call('render', Array) #6 wire/core/Wire.php (416): PageRender->___renderPage(Object(HookEvent)) #7 /home/r (line 830 of site/templates/_uikit.php) Returning comments to the template repaired the issue, but this seems odd. Has anyone else encountered this?
  2. That is very interesting that it is so difficult to achieve this. But thank you for the suggestion of using the Hanna code extension. I shall try it out. :)
  3. I am sorry. My initial posting, was in reference to the inline editor. CK Editor? While composing a post. I attempted to create a hyperlink direct to an IRC server. But it auto filled http:// and did not allow me to edit it to say irc://
  4. Greetings, I am attempting to make a category listing in UiKit for 'Family' related posts. I want the titles of all pages created under the family category to be visible in the category overview page, just as if it was a blog category. But the content to not be visible. The posts themselves are all set up under the 'family' template I created which allows only logged in users with roles 'family' to view the posts. Kind of like a personal 'facebook' for posting personal pictures and such of the kids for grandparents to view, since I don't use facebook. I have the posts working fine, but the category listing isn't working. I attempted to add an if statement to categories.php to check to see if the current category was 'family' and if so to list the titles of the associated posts, but that didn't work. No matter what I see to try, the category 'family' page seems always be blank, even if in the admin pages it shows the 'family' posts as it's children (but with a lock beside them as they are locked posts). Is this because the posts are private, and thus it won't show even the titles?
  5. I totally forgot I even posted this question. I think it would be neat to add it on the main sidebar. I doubt I could embed it onto the sidebar, but a link would be cool.
  6. I am attempting to add a url for an irc;//<domain> in place of a normal http link, on a page in my Classic site profile, and every time I do and save the page, it removes the formatting. Can this be changed?
  7. Thank you! AndZyk's suggestion seemed to work best.
  8. For my site (http://site.roadwolf.ca) I have been trying to figure out why the header is limited to a specific width? The rest of the page auto sizes to whatever size the width of the screen is. But the header does not, and justifies to the left, leaving a white space on the right if the window / page is zoomed out enough. I can't seem to find this setting in the css files. Has anyone encountered this?
  9. Hello :) It was the Uikit v3 'Regular' profile. Thanks!
  10. On a fairly fresh version of ProcessWire 3.0.210 I am trying to figure out how to change the 'posted by %name% on %date%' field to show the date the post was created, and not the date it was last modified. I attempted to modify this in the blog-post.php template but it doesn't seem to have any effect. I am a little lost as to where that specific line is being generated. Thanks for any help! RW,
  11. Thank you all! I have been able to write a script to begin the transfer of my site from drupal to processwire. So far so good. I have to mess around with the mapping and categories and such but that seems pretty simple. Just a matter of tweaking things around. I am a little confused why posts I am adding seem to be finding their way into the correct categories with the correct settings, but aren't showing up in the live main page of the blog unless you specifically seek out an article. Does the main page need articles specifically added to the feed? I haven't messed with NFT's at all honestly, but from what I understood it might be a good way to preserve copyrights on images - tho displaying the images i imagine would be tricky... not really something i am diving into yet, but I do think the concept is worthy of investigation. Or maybe it is all a little silly. I am not sure. But I will look into that script bernhard! Looks like it is super easy to create content for ProcessWire which I do like. My next task once data is transferred will be to begin to change the look of the site a little bit... But so far this is the most welcoming and helpful community I have found since reaching out. I like what I see :)
  12. Greetings all! I am Roadwolf, a casual blogger. I have had my blog running for about 18 years now. It started on simple HTML and then wordpress for a while, but much of it's life has been on Drupal. I have now grown tired of Drupal's push to update from 7 to 10 and have had nothing but issues and wasted time in attempting to accomplish that. I am looking to replace my Drupal install with a new self hosted CMS, which ideally will allow me to run several domains off of the same backend if possible. But at minimum I want an easy to maintain site, with access levels / private post options. I mostly write, but also enjoy posting the odd photo album/story. I wonder if there is any sort of integration to turn photos uploaded into NFT's automatically with this CMS? It is something I was pondering as a way to ensure copyright? but never really dived into yet. Tracking visitors and hits is also important to me. I love knowing where people are visiting my site from. So built in analytics or the ability to use matomo or something would be ideal. I like to avoid using cloud or non-self hosted services. I do tend to enjoy doing things the 'hard way' or old school way when it comes to scripting and customizing things. But I also enjoy and appreciate a helpful and friendly community, to help me learn and guide me when I am tackling a new project such as a new CMS. And I hope to find that here? I look forward to a reply, and thank you for your time. Nice to meet you all :)
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