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  1. Hello Everyone! I'm new here, just signed up. I've discovered PW few days ago (what a shame...) and I'm angry for myself that I lost several years of my life... I'm a homegrown webdeveloper since 2005, started from pure HTML, then e107, Textpattern and from 2008 I work(ed) only with WordPress. I've made over a hundred of sites. Most of them are simple blogs but my main site is quite large (with over a 10k entries and over 100k of media). It's outdated a little bit so I was planning to modify and refresh it lately but then... Gutenberg happened. Gutenberg as an editor is unintuitive, buggy, produces massive problems and it's incompatibile with most of the things I'm using (it seems to be the same story for hundreds of websites built on WP). And though the whole WP community is frustrated and angry, it's been forced with WP 5.0 as the beginning of rebuilding WP as a platform into... hmm... next Wix? I was trying to discuss - my comments were deleted and my account has been blocked (as many others). After 8 years of developing WP... Well... I've frozen the site for updates and started looking elswhere. I have few advanced demands so tried Drupal, then played a little with Craft, Codeigniter and Laravel (I'm not a programmer per se). And after few recommendations I've finally found You. Guys... I'm so thrilled and emotional. I can't stop reading and following tutorials on localhost. PW is THE TOOL I was searching my whole life! I'm going to study everything very carefully and next year I'm going to rebuild slowly (there's no rush) my main site with PW. Back to Gutenberg: I understand where it aims to be and what it tries to accomplish BUT this is wrong on so many levels. As far as I can see, a barebone PW installation is far more flexible and useful then WP with 30 plugins. And obviously you know it perfectly. So I'm begging you: no Gutenberg here... ? Cheers to Ryan and Everyone! Greetings from Poland!
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