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  1. John W.'s post in URL Segments passing callback paramaters -- Help? was marked as the answer   
    Problem solved.
    For anyone that runs into this problem here is what I found.
    Since /arrests/ has other data holder templates you can't pass the name of any of the children or you will get a 404 since those templates don't have a page.
    Work around is call, as in my example, instead of /arrests/february-2016/, since february-2016 is only a template without a page this generates an error.
    Instead, enable url segments on /arrests/, then call /arrests/s/february-2016/

    Since there is no possibility of their being a data template named "s", it will load without a name collision.
    You can replace "s" with anything, as long as you know that none of your data templates will have that same name.
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