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  1. kreativmonkey's post in Change date by API issues was marked as the answer   
    ok, i think i found the issue but now i got the same problem again and i don't know why!
    i loop thorw pages and want to set the expire_date to a new timestamp
    $changeDate = wire("pages")->find(....); foreach($changeDate as $p){ $p->of(false); // Add 60 days to the publish date and store it to expire_date $p->expire_date = strtotime('+60 days', $p->publish_date); $p->save(); $p->of(true); } but the first page in the loop will always store the wrong time: 30 Nov, -0001 00:00  (timestamp: -62169987208).
    edit: i echo the output directly after save and of(true) and it is correct, but when I open the page ore output the field after reload, the wrong time is saved.
    It's always the first page, tested with different pages. I don't know what i make wrong!
  2. kreativmonkey's post in Problem with imported Pages was marked as the answer   
    oh sorry, after a lot of time i found the issue by my self... i have change the template name in the template settings but the have create a template with the name of the template not the changed name.... sorry for that!
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