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  1. It was this Much appreciated help here! P.S Do you know why we can't set a max-file size lower than 2mb?
  2. Maybe a combination of this and @Robin S‘s suggestion?
  3. I tried this just as you posted but no such luck... image seemed to upload no problem even though I set 2M and the image was 7M?
  4. Do you know if there is anything similar for InputfieldImage? It doesn't look like it even though it's an extension of InputfieldFile.
  5. oma

    Thanks for this, @Macrura This is fine... and then on my home.php template I included the following at the top before anything else: if ($input->urlSegment1) { $name = $sanitizer->pageName($input->urlSegment1); $brand = $pages->get("/brands/")->child("name=$name"); if ($brand->id) { return $brand->render(); } else { throw new Wire404Exception(); } } This seemed to work... best way of doing it?
  6. oma

    Sorry to bring this back up... over 2 years later... but I'm a little stuck. I'm wanting to run child pages ( from the root ( but when using a hook or urlSegments I am getting nowhere with it. What's the best process to do this? Do I need to enable a urlSegment check on home.php and allow urlSegments? @Macrura included this and have added it to ready.php but I'm unsure of what's meant to happen? Any help?
  7. Thanks, Tom. Anyone else?
  8. I'm curious to know what everyone's thoughts are on using ProcessWire to be able to create a sort of 'Pinterest' or '' site with similar functionality but harnessing the front end API/capabilities of PW. Similar functionality would include: User account login/registering to access their account/boards Save images from the current site (almost like a wishlist... not external site images) to specific 'boards' and also allow user upload (from desktop) to these boards Allow for multiple 'boards' (categories if you will) Thoughts? Sorry if this is a bit vague... just putting out some feelers.
  9. Thanks for your reply @rafaoski – much appreciated. I guess if I wanted the client to update this the only way would be CMS fields, right? EDIT: I had a look at Functional Fields (and this is what I remembered reading about) but I cannot see the benefit of just creating a normal text field, especially if you have to create a field anyway? Probably missing the point entirely.
  10. I’m sure there was a PW Weekly or blog post recently about best practice for static word translations in your code for multi-language sites (for things like ‘Read more’ or ‘Submit’ etc) but I cannot find it anywhere... Have I made this up?
  11. oma

    Is there any way I can find out more about the error?
  12. oma

    It works on my dev server and locally so could it be that something isn't enabled? Thing is if I try to get a feed from say The Guardian, it works. I'm stuck.
  13. oma

    Thanks, Robin. Must be the forum. See screenshot of what I entered into the console too to check and still get the same error. Weird
  14. oma

    Not sure why it's showing that. This is my code which was working before it forced https (I changed http to https in the load). $imRss = $modules->get('MarkupLoadRSS'); $imRss->limit = 1; $imRss->cache = 3600; $imRss->load(""); bd($imRss);
  15. oma

    Hi folks. Does this work over https? A few sites I was pulling the latest RSS feed from, since going to https, now no longer works. I've bar dumped it and it states: error protected => "Unable to load RSS feed at error protected => "Unable to load RSS feed at Any thoughts?