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  1. BUCKHORN's post in Page-Children YES/NO table was marked as the answer   
    The simplest way to do it is the first way that works. 
    I don't know how you have things set up, but I would use a PageField. 
    My page tree would look like this:
      Collection 1
        Story 1 (create a "story" template and add a new field to it using the PageField type. For the configuration I would choose multiplepages and checkboxes)
        Story 2
        Story 3
        Story 4
        Story 5
        Story 6
    Editions (this template can be called "editions", then in the PageField configuration I can choose this as the parent.)
      Edition 1
      Edition 2
      Edition 3
    Sorry I'm limited on time tonight and haven't explained this in detail, but hopefully this helps a little.
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