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  1. blackeye1987's post in Page create != Page save ? was marked as the answer   
    well i found the problem...
    so as the child generater does everything right.
    i was looking on the wrong spot.
    the customer comes from a sso page linked to me.
    there i am creating on the fly his institute (A) if not already in the system.
    this is the what happens in order.
    1 customer clicks link
    2. customer sends data with his post to our sso login
    3. creating the institute on the fly
    4. child generater creates all subpages (2 tabs a configuration and some other stuff)
    4.1 configuration gets created
    4.2 tabs get created
    (the konfiguration at this point does not have the reference which the institute B is!
    so at this point the tabs get created without the correct info (due to my superb skillz i already cought it if no config or institute found make them unpublished)
    5. configuration gets filled with the infos needed like who is my institute B
    6. login
    i added between 5 and 6 1 step
    //find all due they might be unpublished foreach($b->find('template=tab,include=all') as $t){ $t->setOutputFormatting(false); $t->save(); } now everything works as intended.
    thanks for everyone who read my code and didn't told me i am a crazy scientist
    good day everyone
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