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  1. rooofl's post in If checkbox checked after using find() was marked as the answer   
    Thank you LostKobrakai, it works perfectly by testing count(), my final code is:
    $news_list = $pages->find("template=news, sort=name, show_in_slide!=1"); if ($news_list->count()) { echo "There is at least one news not shown in slide"; }else{ echo "All news items are shown in the slide"; }
  2. rooofl's post in Special characters and textarea was marked as the answer   
    Many thanks for your replies. This issue was due to a hand crafted function using substr(). I used mb_substr() instead and it solved the encoding issue!
  3. rooofl's post in How to generate /install for a site profile was marked as the answer   
    Thanks a lot for your answers and tips Joss.
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