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  1. diogo, alanfluff - thanks so much! It's so easy - I love PW more and more!
  2. Hi! I think answer onto this question could be useful for all PW newbies with little PHP experience like myself... Let's imagine the following "typical" scenario: We have 2 user types of logged-in users: - user-type-1 - user-type-2 Each user type may have any number of actual users. The difference btw these two types is in view access to pages: - page-type-1 can be viewed only by users from user-type-1 - page-type-2 can be viewed only by users from user-type-2 - page-type-3 can be viewed both by users from user-type-1 and user-type-2 - page-type-4 can be viewed only by one user independently on its type (let's say that it is sensitive profile info page. Or individual mailbox page.) Also we have unauthorized users (not logged-in) that should have view access to sign-up, sign-in and general info pages. Looks like PW has all needed to enable scenario above, as key ingredients are in place: - API ($user, $session) - pw access management (defining users, roles, permissions) - pw template properties (defining roles that can access pages) But how to put it together and make work is a challenge for newbie like me...) Please can someone help? I'd even suggest to make kind of sample project with step-by-step tutorial as this should be a topic of common interest...I believe.
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