• Sehsam | Wir gestalten visuelle Identität

    Sehsam | Wir gestalten visuelle Identität


    Torsten Baldes | Medienfreunde GbR

    Responsive Website for the german design agency Sehsam from Leipzig with extensive project studies.

  • SEV-Online



    Philipp Andreas Urlich

    Website of the Union of traffic personnel in Switzerland.

  • tabula rasa

    tabula rasa


    Joshua Kin

    Tabula Rasa combines technical excellence with timeless beauty. We make hi-fi furniture that is beautiful to the ear, to the eye and to the touch.

  • D and D Dairies

    D and D Dairies


    Broxden Limited

    Responsive website for D and D Dairies using Processwire 2.4 and Zurb Foundation 3.2.5. D and D Dairies is based in Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland.

  • st@eding - Bertram Städing

    st@eding - Bertram Städing


    st@eding - Bertram Städing

    Company's Web site for software development and other services such as app-programming.

  • Night Attack

    Night Attack



    Podcast hosted by Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young.

  • Praxis Herznah

    Praxis Herznah


    Marc Löhe

    The doctor's surgery Dr. med. Martin Prohaska und Dr. med. Felix Schulte offers medical services centered around internal medicine, cardiology and diabetology in Mühldorf am Inn, Germany.

  • Nyland Stiftung

    Nyland Stiftung


    Marc Löhe

    The Nyland Stiftun" is a foundation that publishes the works of the German writer Josef Winkler and related contemporary authors.

  • Grenzgänger



    Marc Löhe

    Grenzgänger is a responsive, bilingual website about the bachelor and master degree courses in Netherlands-Germany-Studies at the University of Münster, Germany.

  • Guitar Conservatory of Northern Westchester

    Guitar Conservatory of Northern Westchester



    The Guitar Conservatory of Northern Westchester is an organization of professional guitarists offering conservatory-class instruction in student's homes or in private studios.

  • Meridian Custom Textiles

    Meridian Custom Textiles


    Meridian GbR

    Business producing custom-tailored textiles and textile finishing. Also offering services for designing websites and print works.

  • TB Emmendingen

    TB Emmendingen


    Patrick Ritter

    A german sports club consisting of distinct sports like Badminton, Basketball and Volleyball.

  • alltpaoland.com



    Mats Neander

    A visitor guide for the island of Öland (Oland) in the Baltic Sea south east of the coast line of Sweden.

  • PW Promotion

    PW Promotion



    A site for a recruitment agency, specialized in the beauty sector. Uses FormBuilder.

  • EDGE - Planning, Landscape Architecture & Urban Design

    EDGE - Planning, Landscape Architecture & Urban Design


    Process Interactive

    EDGE is a collaborative team of planners, landscape architects and development consultants. A responsive site designed by Salvato + Coe Group and developed by Process Interactive.

  • Michael Wessel IT

    Michael Wessel IT



    Website for a German IT service provider.

  • Johannsmann Horse Transport

    Johannsmann Horse Transport


    Kent Brockman

    The customer is one of Germany's most experienced and well-known horse transportation companies. The multilingual website is based on Processwire and should be completely responsive, so please feel free to resize your browser or view it on your…

  • The Kauniainen Chambre Choir - GÖR

    The Kauniainen Chambre Choir - GÖR


    Mikael Siirilä

    A bilingual (Swedish & Finnish) mixed choir that has about 35 singers. The choir was founded in 1974, and it is an independent and self-financed registered association. Design by Nordenswan & Siirilä.

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    24 December 2021
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