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  • Magic Eventtechnik & Medientechnik

    Magic Eventtechnik & Medientechnik

    typneun Designagentur

    Do you want the perfect event? Then let's talk about emotions: About the sound that goes straight from the loudspeakers to the heart. About light that immerses messages in a sea of colour. About special effects that transport people to a wonderland.

  • Fuchs Garten & Landschaft

    Fuchs Garten & Landschaft

    typneun Designagentur

    At home in your own garden? It's possible with the right planning. Flowers and plant beds, garden decorations, lawn and tree care, accents made of natural stone and other materials - we offer everything from a single source. Fuchs Garten &…

  • DENKIDO - Passion for Innovation

    DENKIDO - Passion for Innovation

    GPS GmbH

    In the middle of the 19th century bicycles evolved to bicycles with auxiliary combustion engines, then to motor bicycles (Mofas) and to motor pedaler (Mopeds). Mofas and Mopeds were no longer built on the bicycle diamond frame. Their frames have…

  • e.Volution GmbH - Superior sustainable vehicles

    e.Volution GmbH - Superior sustainable vehicles

    GPS GmbH

    Our vehicles MAX and GIGA are absolute pioneers in the field of fully electric light commercial vehicles and are characterized by a particularly robust vehicle core and a high degree of variability. In addition, e.Volution is developing the SPACE…

  • Rotes Kreuz Telfs

    Rotes Kreuz Telfs

    Werbeagentur Buerostark

    Website relaunch … Our goal was not only to give the Red Cross Telfs a modern appearance, but also to create an outstanding digital experience through first-class custom webdevelopment.

  • LatticeWork



    LatticeWork, a consumer electronics manufacturer and enterprise AI innovator, needed a fast, multilingual site to replace its WordPress site. Freehive chose ProcessWire to best meet these requirements and leveraged other open-source tools such as…

  • Huber Schließtechnik

    Huber Schließtechnik

    typneun Designagentur

    HUBER SCHLIESSTECHNIK is your security professional for mechanical, mechatronic and digital locking systems, access controls, radio systems, alarm systems, video systems and security technology in Freising and the Munich area.

  • Noder Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH

    Noder Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH

    typneun Designagentur

    Know-how about everything green. The Noder company has been one of Munich's leading gardening and landscaping companies since 2012. From Aubing, the team plans, designs and maintains private gardens, residential complexes and public open spaces.

  • Intertec Components

    Intertec Components

    typneun Designagentur

    Intertec Components from Hallbergmoos (Germany) stocks both active and passive components from all categories. The company focuses on the procurement of semiconductors and relays. In addition, Intertec Components has founded two in-house departments…

  • Internisten am Zehenstadel

    Internisten am Zehenstadel

    typneun Designagentur

    The IAZ is a specialist group practice consisting of three internists and one internist with the specialist areas and areas of activity of gastroenterology, cardiology and angiology. You will find them in the heart of Moosburg near Freising…

  • Eggertshof – Von der Natur für die Natur.

    Eggertshof – Von der Natur für die Natur.

    typneun Designagentur

    The Eggertshof in Freising (Germany) is an agricultural business that has its own composting facility and a biogas plant. You can also purchase products such as firewood, wood chips or soil via the online shop on the website.

  • Sicheneder Elektroanlagen GmbH

    Sicheneder Elektroanlagen GmbH

    typneun Designagentur

    When it comes to electronic systems, Alexander Sicheneder and Raimund Feth are bursting with energy. Even before the construction project starts, the team from Sicheneder Elektroanlagen GmbH from Munich begins professional planning and declares the…

  • KOS Energie GmbH

    KOS Energie GmbH

    typneun Designagentur

    KOS Energie GmbH (KOS) is a cooperative association of medium-sized municipal and municipal utilities from the southern Bavarian region. The central business areas are demand-optimized electricity and gas procurement, energy data management and…

  • Bachmaier Blumenbinderei

    Bachmaier Blumenbinderei

    typneun Designagentur

    Whatever Bachmaier creates with flowers, they are inspired by the wonderful diversity of nature. The flower bindery weaves its customers' favorite colors into overall floral concepts that follow a common thread from the bouquet to the table…

  • Europäisches Kinderherzzentrum München

    Europäisches Kinderherzzentrum München

    typneun Designagentur

    The European Children's Heart Center in Munich is a merger of the Clinic for Surgery for Congenital Heart Defects and Pediatric Heart Surgery at the German Heart Center Munich and the Section for Surgery for Congenital Heart Defects and Pediatric…

  • Maisch Mineralien Import

    Maisch Mineralien Import

    typneun Designagentur

    As a family business, Maisch Minerals Import in Freising (Germany) passes on knowledge about natural stones and minerals from generation to generation. They source their select range directly from the countries of origin in order to supply…

  • Isar Trachten

    Isar Trachten

    typneun Designagentur

    As an Upper Bavarian veteran of classic traditional costume fashion, Max Ederer GmbH has been a family-run company since 1954 and produces traditional and modern Bavarian costumes. As a wholesaler, Isar Trachten supplies over 2,000 renowned textile…

  • Glaserei Hiedl

    Glaserei Hiedl

    typneun Designagentur

    If you are looking for an experienced master glazier, Hiedl in Freising is the right place for you, as the glazier has been around for over 160 years and is currently run by the 5th generation. What started with work as a pewter caster has developed…

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