Directory of ProcessWire plugin modules

Recently added modules

  • ImagePlaceholders 0.3.0 by daun
    Generate low-quality image placeholders (LQIP) on upload
    Added 2023/11/22 — Photo/Video/Audio
  • PageEditLockFields 0.0.1 beta by Ryan Cramer
    Lock page fields or properties from editing on a page-by-page basis.
    Added 2023/11/10 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools
  • DelayedImageVariations 0.1.3 beta by Robin S
    Delays the creation of image variations until their individual URLs are loaded.
    Added 2023/11/10 — Development Tools
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Recently updated modules

  • JkPublishPages 1.3.4 by juergen
    Publish/Unpublish pages: Publish/unpublish, delete or move pages depending on dates and times using LazyCron.
    2023/12/08 — Other Modules, Inputfield Modules
  • FieldtypePageGrid 2.0.21 by jploch
    PAGEGRID: Commercial page builder module that renders block templates and adds drag and drop functionality in admin.
    2023/12/08 — Fieldtype Modules, Premium Modules
  • Duplicator 1.5.2 by flydev
    Duplicate, backup and transfer an entire site from one location to another.
    2023/12/07 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools
  • CustomAdminMenus 0.1.5 beta by Robin S
    Adds up to three custom dropdowns to the main admin menu.
    2023/12/06 — Admin Helpers
  • RockFrontend 3.8.2 by bernhard
    Module for easy frontend development
    2023/12/05 — Development Tools, Markup Generation
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Popular modules

  • ProcessFileEdit 2.0.0 beta by matjazp
    A ProcessWire module for editing files in the admin area.
    2023/07/14 — Admin Helpers
  • Dashboard 1.5.4 by daun
    Configurable dashboard for the admin interface. Includes a set of predefined panel types, but can be easily extended to display any content you want.
    2023/10/21 — Admin Helpers, Process Modules
  • WireMailSmtp 0.6.4 by Horst Nogajski
    WireMail: SMTP: extends WireMail, uses SMTP protocol (plain | ssl | tls), provides: to, cc, bcc, attachments, priority, disposition notification, bulksending, ...
    2023/11/09 — Email/WireMail
  • FieldtypeColor 1.1.8 by kixe
    Color: Field that stores colors. Many options for Input (HTML5 Inputfield Color, Textfield with changing background, various jQuery/JS ColorPickers, custom…
    2023/07/17 — Fieldtype Modules, Inputfield Modules
  • EmailObfuscation 1.3.0 by Roope
    Email Obfuscation (EMO): Email Obfuscation module for email addresses with 64 base crypting.
    2023/07/07 — Email/WireMail, Markup Generation
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Modules recently liked by users

  • DelayedImageVariations 0.1.3 beta by Robin S
    Delays the creation of image variations until their individual URLs are loaded.
    2023/11/12 — Development Tools
  • FieldtypeRuntimeOnly 0.1.8 beta by Robin S
    Runtime Only: An inputfield that renders at runtime, with no data saved to the database.
    2021/10/26 — Admin Helpers, Fieldtype Modules
  • BreadcrumbDropdowns 0.3.8 beta by Robin S
    Adds dropdown menus of page edit links to the breadcrumbs in Page Edit.
    2022/07/25 — Admin Helpers
  • AdminHelperLinks 1.1.8 by Richard Jedlička
    Adds shortcut links to edit fields and template directly from page edit.
    2023/11/13 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools
  • BatchChildEditor 1.8.25 beta by Adrian Jones
    Quick batch creation (titles only or CSV import for other fields), editing, sorting, deletion, and CSV export of all children under a given page.
    2023/01/12 — Admin Helpers, Import/Export
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The modules directory is powered by ProcessWire with the FormBuilder and LoginRegisterPro modules.

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