• Zeit für Ihre Zähne

    Zeit für Ihre Zähne


    BNT.DE Gesellschaft für interaktive Medien, Frankfurt

    Responsive website for dentist. ProcessWire was choosen for the ease of use for editors and the total freedom for front end development (using a custom SusyGrid with grunt/libsass build). FormBuilder for customized contact/appointment form.

  • Animal Bite Centers | The Filipino Doctors

    Animal Bite Centers | The Filipino Doctors


    Medicomm Pacific, Inc.

    animalbitecenters.thefilipinodoctor.com is a healthcare provider in the philippines. A Comprehensive list of all animal bite centers in the philippines. This website use Bootstrap and Processwire.

  • Rugpijnweg.nl




    Dutch authority site on topic of Back Pain (Rugpijn), Sciatica (Ischias) & Natural Bulging Disc Healing (Natuurlijke genezing Hernia).

  • Doic medicinskteknik

    Doic medicinskteknik



    Website for DOIC, retailer of medical equipment, with a PadLoper shop for logged in customers.

  • Precise Research

    Precise Research


    Suspire Media

    Precise is a research study based in England.

  • Radiologische Allianz (German group of radiological practices)

    Radiologische Allianz (German group of radiological practices)



    Website Relaunch. (Please delete the old entry) To get the best impression of how the website works, see the German version. (The English version is much reduced in size, as English patients in Germany have different demands.) This site demonstrates…

  • Ways to Wellness

    Ways to Wellness


    Cloud Data Service

    Ways to Wellness supports people with long term health conditions to have a better quality of life using social prescribing. The site is aimed at patients, health professionals and other interested bodies.

  • Divalta



    Netmaster Lt

    Beauty salon in Vilnius, Lithuania

  • beihilferatgeber.de




    beihilferatgeber.de is an information portal about medical insurance for civil servants in germany.

  • MeetSpot.pl




    A service that organizes sport events and allow users to join in (either for free or for a fee).

  • Excellere Telemedicine

    Excellere Telemedicine


    everfreecreative / Solution Innovators

    Excellere is a business which sells a telemedicine service to employers and individuals. The site uses FormBuilder and a custom built blog.

  • Celtic Consulting

    Celtic Consulting


    everfreecreative / Solution Innovators

    Celtic Consulting provides compliance and clinical reimbursement services to long term care, post-acute providers and educational and training services to promote overall efficiency and revenue enhancement.

  • natürlich-glutenfrei.de



    Frank Gottwald

    Improving the life of people with coeliac disease (gluten intolerance). Providing information about eating out glutenfree, buying glutenfree goods, travelling glutenfree.

  • Online Homöopathie

    Online Homöopathie



    Website about alternative medicine in german language. Based on processwire driven relations between remedies, symptoms, ...

  • Tierarzt Partale

    Tierarzt Partale



    A tiny website to a local veterinarian.

  • Jentschura´s Regenata

    Jentschura´s Regenata


    Jens Martsch Design

    Website for a alkaline health cure based on Peter Jentschura´s philosophy.

  • Yoga Lounge Berlin

    Yoga Lounge Berlin



    Site for a yoga company, with information, educational pages, and pages for the trainers.

  • Instituto Hera

    Instituto Hera


    Jan Waldek

    This is a simple and very personalized website we developed for a clinic specialized in women health in Brazil. We've designed/coded several templates for the backend, used the Skeleton CSS Framework (http://www.getskeleton.com/) to help making it…

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  • Preliminary 2021 roadmap in progress in this week’s update— More
    8 January 2021
  • Happy New Year! Today I’ve bumped the version on the dev branch to 3.0.170, and it’s quite a lot of updates. This post covers most of them. In this post, there’s also a question for you: what would you like to see in ProcessWire in 2021? More
    1 January 2021
  • In this week’s blog post we’ll take a brief look at a powerful new ProFields module for ProcessWire that’s just around the corner—the Combo field: More
    4 December 2020

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  • ProcessWire 3.0.170 core updates
    Happy New Year! Today I’ve bumped the version on the dev branch to 3.0.170, and it’s quite a lot of updates. This post covers most of them. In this post, there’s also a question for you: what would you like to see in ProcessWire in 2021?
    Blog / 1 January 2021
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