• Eichendorffschule




    The Eichendorffschule in Bad Cannstatt, Germany will become a comprehensive school in school year 2016/2017. Some of the prominent features of the new website are a blog, a custom responsive integration of a Google Calendar and sophisticated…

  • Immobilienagentur Schandow GmbH

    Immobilienagentur Schandow GmbH


    typneun Designbüro

    Immobilienagentur Schandow GmbH is a small company based in Munich, Germany. Their business model is Property Management for commercial and private customers. Therefore, the website is splitted in two parts: commercial and private. Each section has…

  • Vip Air Limousine

    Vip Air Limousine



    A simple one page page for a french private car drivers company.

  • nohe




    A swiss company based in Berne which is offering first aid courses throughout the country.

  • christophlieck.com agency website

    christophlieck.com agency website



    Relaunch of a studio/agency website. Highlights: clean, modern, flat design, mobile friendly.

  • novu



    novu GmbH

    Relaunch of our young web & communation company, based in Berne, Switzerland.

  • Co:tunity



    Beagle Marketing

    Co:tunity is a web platform to help companies to spot trends and drive innovation. Processwire was the perfect CMS to efficiently build their website, which as most of our works, integrate Marketing Automation.

  • Mindset



    Beagle Marketing

    Mindset is one of the largest professional coaching companies in Sweden. They wanted to generate more leads and we built this site around a custom Processwire module for Pardot Marketing Automation.

  • Kairos Future

    Kairos Future


    Beagle Marketing

    Kairos Future is a consultancy helping companies to understand their future. This large site has marketing automation and an e-commerce integration at its heart. The site generates hundreds of leads monthly.

  • X-com Full Service Internet Agency

    X-com Full Service Internet Agency



    Responsive website for a Dutch Internet Agency. Showcasing services, work and people.

  • Sovonex Technology

    Sovonex Technology


    Stefan Rohlfing

    Sovonex Technology provides turn-key drilling rigs and drilling services from China. The website is based on Bootstrap 3 and makes use of the following Processwire modules: ProCache, ProcessHannaCode, and WireMailSmtp.

  • Efima



    Nordenswan & Siirilä

    Efima develops and implements digital business and financial management processes.

  • Korona Leuchten GmbH

    Korona Leuchten GmbH


    Benjamin Milde

    Korona Leuchten GmbH is a small lamp producing firm from Augsburg. The site is built to be fully responsive and ProcessWire made it really easy to manage all the various data the site has to offer.

  • Gekko Field Marketing

    Gekko Field Marketing


    999 Design

    Gekko are an effective full service UK field marketing agency. They approached 999 Design to overhaul their brand communications and refresh their visual identity. Built to be fully responsive, the new ProcessWire site allows Gekko to demonstrate…

  • Prosearch.in



    Vineet Sawant

    Marketing site made for famous cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle & his wife Anita Bhogle, for their book, The Wining Way.

  • Precision Event Management

    Precision Event Management


    Steven Kovar

    Precision Event Management specializes in event management, sound and lighting for concerts, festivals, tours, special events and corporate productions.

  • Quick To Impress Inc.

    Quick To Impress Inc.


    Quick To Impress Inc.

    Design, development and search company. A Small team from Chicago, that delivers big results. This is the final version of our ProcessWire site as we have migrated from a custom build, to WordPress and now ProcessWire.

  • HT Heizelemente Deutschland GmbH

    HT Heizelemente Deutschland GmbH


    Algoritma web agency

    HT heaters Germany GmbH is a subsidiary of HT Spa, a company that produces applications for industrial machineries, solutions for domestic heating (towel rails and radiators) ,PTC heaters, and more.

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  • This post covers a few of the bigger updates in ProcessWire 3.0.154+3.0.155. This includes new live replacement of text in core and modules, a new method for creating canonical URLs, and some major upgrades to our input->urlSegment() method! More
    24 April 2020
  • A brief look at what's new in ProcessWire 3.0.154 in this forum post: More
    17 April 2020
  • This week we’ve got a few new and interesting core updates in progress, though none quite ready to release just yet. So rather than releasing version 3.0.154 today, I thought we'd instead take a brief look at what’s coming over the next few weeks… More
    3 April 2020

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  • ProcessWire Weekly #310
    The 310th issue of ProcessWire Weekly is going to be short and sweet: in this issue we'll walk you through the latest core updates, introduce a third party module called Twack, and check out a really gorgeous new site of the week. Read on!
    Weekly.pw / 18 April 2020
  • ProcessWire 3.0.154 and 3.0.155 core updates
    This post covers a few of the bigger updates in ProcessWire 3.0.154 and 3.0.155 on the dev branch. This includes a new function for live replacement of text in core and modules, a new method for creating canonical URLs, and some major upgrades to our $input->urlSegment() method that I think you’ll like!
    Blog / 24 April 2020
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